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10 Quick Ways to Practice Your Target Language Daily

The Fastest Way to Learn a New Target Language Daily

One of the best ways to learn Italian is online. Nevertheless, even if you know a foreign language well, it may be in vain if you do not take the time to practice it. You could quickly lose interest, and the whole learning process may be a wasted effort.

This blog has ten quick suggestions for you to practice your target language daily:

1. It Would Help if You Spoke the Language

If you must attain fluency, you must speak the language. Find someone to converse with, and talk aloud to yourself if you can’t find anyone to do so.

2. Watch Movies or Shows in the Foreign Language

You can learn pronunciation and usage by hearing others speak the language. Watch movies or television shows to know the language better.

3. Change the Language of Your Device

Check the settings of your phone. You would have probably set it to your mother tongue or English.

Change it to the newly learned language. Your device will now display the foreign language, and you will have no choice but to concentrate on the words to issue a new command.

4. Read Articles 

Read articles written in the new language you want to master. As you read, mark the words you don’t know to pronounce.

After reading, check the pronunciation, spelling, and usage, and correct yourself.

5. Network in the Foreign Language

Change the language settings on your social media handles to the foreign language you recently learned online. 

Suppose you learned German online with a certificate and set the language to German on social media; you will learn the German terms for familiar words like “post,” “like,” and “comment.”

6. Start Writing

Learn the Navajo language online and put it to practice by writing short articles in the language. You learn more when your write!

7. Learn as You Travel

Don’t just sit down doing nothing while you travel.

Look for short videos or podcasts in your newly learned language. 

8. Start Posting in the Foreign Language

Now that you have changed your language on Facebook and Twitter, why don’t you interact with your friends and followers, read posts, and reply to them in a foreign language? This will make learning it even more exciting!

9. Use Apps for an Interesting Learning Experience

You will find many learning apps that you can use effectively to improve your language. Check a few apps before deciding on one that works for you.

10. Retain the Interest

When you try too hard to learn something, it can get cumbersome. Pick up topics that interest you and watch videos or podcasts on topics that interest you. Focus on learning new things as you slowly master the language.


We have listed ten ways to become fluent in the new language you have just learned. Now that you are getting better at the language try not to translate your native language into the new language. Instead, think in the foreign language itself.

Your target language is probably not going to improve unless you have a daily routine for practicing it. You don’t need to study every day, but if you enjoy French and would like to become fluent in it, you will want to make sure that you are using the language as frequently as possible. And when you practice your language skills, remember to focus on speaking as much as possible while getting more acquainted with the written form.

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