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10 Types Of Storage Drawers For Home Decor

Buying a piece of furniture for your home is a task in itself. However, when purchasing quirky and trendy furniture pieces, you often forget that if you are decorating your home or moving to a new space, you will always need a space for storage; during that time, a chest of drawers does wonders for you. Not only do they solve the issue of storage, but they also add a unique style to your home. If you are a fan of minimalistic interiors, great style, and extra space, you should keep an eye on modern drawer consoles. For instance, shop a simple yet stylish 2 Drawer Console set to place photo frames, books, and flower vases for home decor, and your home will look elegant.

Ten appealing drawer sets you must have in your home:

1. Fabric storage drawers

Fabric storage drawers are stunning pieces for your bedroom. You might need some spare space for excess items to store in your bedroom; in that case, you can look for a fabric storage drawer. They are a very basic and inexpensive solution for your home to look tidy and detailed. The pastel shades and hues of blue in fabrics will make your space vibrant.  

2. Coffee table with drawers

You can easily find an adorable coffee table drawer anywhere. A coffee table is perfect for you if you want to add an urban feel to your tiny home gardens and living room. Moreover, you can use them for storing your newspapers, placing books, candles, and other miscellaneous items very easily. A cute coffee table with drawers compliments the interior and colors of a living room very well. 

3. Filing Cabinets

A filing cabinet is extremely beneficial for someone with a home office. Also, suppose your home often looks disorganized because of your child’s toys, playbooks, and other items. In that case, installing filing cabinets to store your office files and children’s toys is the most suitable way to beautify your space. 

4. Chest of drawers

This piece of furniture comes in various types, styles, and sizes depending upon the buyer’s requirement. For instance, a bachelor’s chest and a combo dresser are very common chest drawers. They come in either vertical or horizontal sizes. You can customize a chest of drawers according to your wish and need. If you need a basic, effective, organic solution for storage and urban feel, then opt for a wooden 3 Drawer Chest that is super easy to fit in your home.

5. Bed with storage drawers

A bed with storage drawers is an absolute favorite for people with almost no space left in their closets, as the spare storage drawer will let you store blankets, bedsheets, and other daily essentials. Also, being large, the same size as the bed, makes it an exceptional choice to increase the utility space.

6. Storage drawers with mirror

A storage cabinet with drawers is like a treasure for someone with large and excess clutter in their home as these cabinets with drawers allow storing things without any trouble. The modern expanded version of storage drawers, which comes in 2 storage drawers with elongated legs, is the best option to either store your clothes, bedsheets, or other essential items. It’s comparatively a better option to opt for than a 3 Drawer Chest if you want a dresser with the facility of a mirror also. The utility space with earthy colors of white, brown, and wooden elements makes this furniture piece the top choice among consumers.

7. Console drawer set

  A console drawer or table is a masterpiece in the furniture pieces as it looks stunning and earthy because of its narrow and sleek body. These urban consoles complement the elements of your living room very well. Not only this, but it’s a great way to arrange small items. Moreover, this furniture piece will set massive furniture goals for your home decor. So opt for an eccentric 2 Drawer Console if you plan to brighten your home.

8. Plastic stackable storage drawers

 Life is good when you have enough pantry space with an excellent option of plastic stackable storage drawers. Isn’t it? It’s an unfussy option to declutter your home and make space for storing drawers by just stacking a pile of drawers one over the other. They are the most convenient option for keeping clothes and miscellaneous things etc. You can stack all your plastic drawers together at a height in a vertical manner to avoid inconvenience. 

9. Bench with storage drawers

 A bench with storage drawers is an excellent and smart choice for someone with a small lawn, as it will surely impact your decor style. Moreover, the spare utility space which comes with it will let you avoid any chaos which comes with clutter. A bench with storage will also go well with your balcony. You can stack up against your plantation equipment or other tools on the bench for a practical storage option. 

10. Rolling Storage Drawers

Rolling storage drawers are also the best pick if you want a minimal spend over storage options. It is because they are quite similar to the stackable storage drawers. Still, the only difference between them is that these drawers are portable, and you can easily move them anywhere according to your requirement. They are also available in the market in steel, plastic, and glass. Moreover, this is also a cost-effective way to make way for spare space and organize the clutter.


Drawers are instrumental in elevating the utility space and reviving your home’s glamor quotient. You can use these amazing drawers to add an aesthetic appeal to your home, depending upon the requirements of your home. You should buy these drawer consoles if you are struggling with storage space in your home. Also, ensure that you customize the drawer sets according to your creative flow.

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