15 Fashionable Bomber Jackets for Men to Attract Your Loved Ones

Despite its hyperbolic description, the bomber jacket is without question the most iconic piece of clothing ever created. Like many other fashion staples, the bomber jacket originated in the military before becoming popular with members of a wide range of subcultures around the world. Whether you choose a design that keeps true to the original’s military influence or desire a more modern take from a designer, a great Cropped Bomber Jacket Womens is a must-have for any man’s closet.
This list is comprehensive, as it includes the top bombshells in the fashion industry. The standard definition of a bomber jacket is a jacket with a zip front, side pockets, and a knit collar and cuffs, so that’s what we’ll go with here. We’ll group brands into these broad categories despite the fact that they may use different materials or have different styles like Bones Varsity Jacket For Men. These coats are unsurpassed in terms of style, authenticity, quality, and creativity. The bomber jacket has had a profound cultural impact throughout the world, but before we get to our choices, let’s take a quick look back at its historic background.
A Brief Overview of the Bomber’s Past

Bringing the Military and Fashion Worlds Together

Pilots in World War I frequently wore bomber jackets, also known as flight jackets. When flying at high altitudes in early bomber aircraft, pilots had to wrap themselves in insulating jackets to keep warm because there was no cockpit. In 1927, the Type A-1 became the standard issue flying jacket for the United States Army. Made from either sheepskin, horsehide, or goatskin leather, it had a knit collar and cuffs to keep the pilots toasty.

The MA-1 is a timeless favourite among pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike because of its basic design, based on traditional bomber jackets. Due to its wool knit collar and lightweight construction, the MA-1 was originally supplied to the United States Army in 1949. Dobbs Industries (later called Alpha Industries) designed it. The versatility, utility, and accessibility of the bomber jacket made it an instant trend.

After World War II

After World War II, Japan popularised the bomber in Asia as the Sukajan (souvenir jacket), inspired by the bombers worn by servicemen stationed at the naval port city of Yokosuka. The blue-collar skinhead subculture of the 1960s England initially admired the bomber jacket because of its rough image. After the radicalization and homophobia of the skinhead movement peaked around the end of the 1970s, London’s LGBTQ+ community embraced the bomber as a symbol of resistance. In each of these eras, the bomber jacket was a symbol of the counterculture that eventually became mainstream. Because of its popularity in the 1990s grunge era and the early 2000s hip-hop scene, this jacket has come to represent a certain type of American counterculture.

We’ll get into our favourite men’s bomber jackets when we finish talking about the bomber’s historical significance.

The name Uniqlo is one of the most recognisable in the world. The MA-1 jacket is representative of the company’s efforts to become a leader in the fast fashion industry. The resin-coated faux leather pull tab and clean silhouette of the Uniqlo MA-1 Blouson elevate a casual staple. The waterproof exterior does more than just keep the wearer dry, comfortable, and looking nice in the wetter, cooler fall weather.

Unfilled Ma-1 Bomber Jacket in Levi’s® Fight Satin®

It would be odd to make a “best of” clothing list without including anything from Levi’s. The American brand made a fantastic bomber jacket in the style of World War II. The ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem of Levi’s Flight Satin Ma-1 Bomber are a nod to the original military design, while the nylon flight satin fabric is a nod to comfort. But those who want to create a stronger impression can’t go wrong with a vibrant red bomber.

Topman Icon Bomber-Style Jacket

The Topman Icon Bomber is a perfect example of understatement. This bomber makes clever use of the genre’s inherent understatement without sloppiness in its design. It is a simple bomber jacket that lets its striking silhouette do all the talking; it is black, has a matte finish, and has two side pockets. This affordable bomber jacket is great for those who seek a timeless look that can be paired with many different ensembles.

Everlane’s Bomber Coat

The Everlane bomber jacket is a perennial favourite and a mainstay on “best bombers” lists. This bomber is a modern update on a classic style thanks to its water-resistance, recycled polyester blend construction, magnetic closure pockets, and two-way zipper. The basic bomber silhouette remains, and the addition of a sleeve pocket is a nice nod to the jacket’s history in the military. Due to its modest price, this bomber is a deal.

Alpha Industries’ Bomber Jacket, Style MA-1

Naturally, the manufacturer of the first MA-1 bomber would be featured. It’s not surprising that the pioneers of a genre would produce one of the best bombs on the market. Like their field coats, Alpha Industry’s designs feature a more substantial silhouette while still conveying an aura of slick militancy. Alpha Industry made a bomber jacket that can be worn backwards. It is made of mid-weight fly nylon and has Ottoman knit cuffs.

What Happened When a Group of Gorillas Dropped Bombs on a Street Full of Bonobos?

The fact that Bonobos started as a pants-only shop comes as a surprise given the quality and style of their Boulevard bombers. The Boulevard’s classic design gives it an enduring air of sophistication. It’s more fitted in cut and finish to give it a modern air. The clothing from Bonobos is offered in four distinct hues, and it has secure single-welt hand pockets with snap fasteners. Cotton and nylon were used to create the cloth.

Quilted Japanese down bomber jacket by Todd Snyder with snap tabs.

One needs a creative mind like Todd Snyder to improve upon the already stylish and practical bomber jacket. With its robust, industrial style, Todd Snyder’s Japanese Down Quilted Snap Bomber is like a hybrid between a puffer jacket and a bomber jacket. Make from 100% Japanese nylon with gunmetal buttons, this timeless design is give a modern twist with the addition of a chest pocket. Additionally, the added insulation will keep you warm and stylish even when temperatures drop.

Nylon/Satin Coat with Embroidered Champion Logo

Champion has updated the traditional bomber jacket design into a sleek stadium coat fit for a high school phenom. This bomber is made of lightweight nylon satin and features an embroidered logo. The lightweight bomber is more versatile than a typical varsity jacket. It has snap closures and striped ribbed edges to add a touch of street style to its performance in the gym.

An insulated Filson Alcan coat with a quilted design.

No list of the best jackets would be complete without including Filson. True to its military roots, Filson insulated the Alcan bomber with PrimaLoft, the material of choice for the U.S. military since the 1980s. This Alcan Quilted Jacket is exactly what customers would hope to see from a firm like Filson. The wax canvas exterior and Cordura ballistic nylon reinforcements make sure that the bomber jacket will last for a long time.

The Buck Jacket, The Mason Bruiser Leather Bomber

The bomber jacket may have become iconic for its rough image, but the designers at Buck Mason believed they could do better. There’s no mistaking the ferocity packed into the Bruiser Leather Bomber Jacket’s sharp silhouette, sturdy construction from vegetable-tanned leather, and hidden zip pockets. The Bruiser fits like a glove right out of the box despite its tough appearance because vegetable tanning makes the leather more flexible than conventional calf leather.

Mission Preparation Exercises: One Dangerous Bomber

The fact that Mission Workshop’s products are both functional and aesthetically pleasing while also featuring innovative design is one of their greatest strengths. Their Mission Bombers received no special treatment. This state-of-the-art bomber is waterproof thanks to its DWR-treated cotton and polyamide construction. There are six individual compartments with warm, lightweight, and breathable PrimaLoft Gold Active insulation. Any self-respecting futurist designer would construct a bomber jacket like this.

Using recycled nylon in the Manston style, Rag & Bone has created a bomber jacket.

If you care about both the environment and style, then the Rag & Bone Manston Recycled Nylon Bomber is the jacket for you. The vivid orange shell and polyfill inner of the Manston jacket will keep you toasty and dry in any climate.

Officine Generale’s Marx Slim-Fit Padded-Shell Bomber Jacket

The Marx bomber by Officine Generale is a superb example of the work of a perfectionist engineer. This bomber is a refined choice due to its simple yet stylish design, which modernises the classic silhouette.

For Men’s Canada Goose Black Label Kirkfield Bomber Coat for Men

The action pleats at the back and shoulders, the four outside pockets, the two double-entry pockets, the side pockets with handwarmer fleece lining, and the signature double-striped luminous features on the Kirkfield all contribute to its ease of movement and visibility in low light. This is a great piece to wear between a ski jacket and a bomber jacket, which are both more practical.

Respectable Results

Loro Piana’s Quilted Silk Twill Bomber

We couldn’t be fair if we didn’t include this magnificent bomber. Your Loro Piana padded silk-twill bomber will draw attention no matter what street you’re on. The Loro Piana bomber is make entirely of silk, but thanks to a Storm System coating, it is completely waterproof. The substantial storage space provided by the four front pockets makes this trendy alternative as functional as it is attractive. We debate this whether or not to include it in our top 15 due to its over $4,000 price tag, but ultimately decide that a silk bomber with such exquisite taste deserved to be recognitions.

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