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4 Ways the Right Stone Veneer Panel Can Enhance Your Home

There are many reasons to give your home a fresh new look with an alluring type of stone veneer panel. You could be updating your home before putting it on the market. You might be checking off the last few items on your to-do list for the year. Or maybe you’re finally ready to achieve the modern aesthetic you’ve always wanted now that your kids have moved out.

Your motivation is as unique as you are, and whatever your reason, your chosen style of stone veneer panel can enhance the look and feel of your home in many ways. On the exterior and interior, there are many possibilities to explore.

Before shopping for stone veneer panels, check out this list of popular ways to use them.

New Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen is the central hub of activity for many family homes. If you’re still living in the house where you raised your family, odds are your kitchen has seen a lot of use. Renovating with a new backsplash can add vitality to one of the most loved areas of your home.

Using stone veneer panels in a herringbone pattern is a popular option for a new backsplash. Get ready to shop for the right stone veneer panel for your new kitchen backsplash. Consider how important it is that your new backsplash be easy to clean. Do you want a sleek look that doesn’t require intensive maintenance? If so, look into stone veneer panels with minimal texturing.

While you’re at it, inspect your kitchen windows. Leaky windows can lead to damage in the long term that could require costly repairs. Pick up some Flex Paste and seal any gaps, cracks, or suspect seams to protect your home against the elements.

Stone Veneer Panel Siding

You’ve probably seen homes that feature stone veneer panel siding on the lower exterior. These panels are a fantastic means of achieving a refined look on the exterior of your home.

When shopping, look for manufactured panels that feature embedded clips. These panels easily fasten to walls that use common OSB or plywood sheathing. You can install these panels using standard tools. It doesn’t take a ton of time or effort to install these panels, and you might be amazed by the results.

Elevate the Feel of Your Master Bathroom

Have you considered how stone veneer panels could take the feel of your master bathroom to the next level? You can use this product in a variety of places throughout your bathroom to rejuvenate the space.

For a distinctive look, use a contemporary style of stone veneer panel on every bathroom wall, from floor to ceiling. You could also use them to do just a feature wall. For example, you could do the wall behind your sink and add a new mirror to give your bathroom new life.

Upgrade Your Fireplace Wall

Is your fireplace wall outdated or showing wear? Upgrading this wall can go a long way toward rejuvenating the overall room. However, it’s important to note that not all stone veneer panels are a viable option for all fireplaces. Some built with brick or stone aren’t suited for this type of update.

Determine whether your fireplace is a candidate. Then, select a type of stone veneer panel that matches your current décor. Or, if you plan on taking the room in a different direction, your fireplace could be a good place to start.

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