5 Benefits of Printing Custom Magnetic Boxes

5 Benefits of Printing Custom Magnetic Boxes

5 Benefits of Printing Custom Magnetic Boxes

Printing Custom Magnetic Boxes will give you peace of mind. No more faulty promises and claims. Just a smooth communication, transparent action, and great benefits. Let’s take a look at some amazing benefits of printing magnetic boxes. Here are some of them:

Magnet closure boxes

Using a custom magnetic closure box to pack your items can help you stand out from the crowd. These boxes can be made to fit your business’s specific needs and requirements, as well as the style and color scheme that your customers are looking for. You can even design your own magnetic closure box, with a variety of different options for panel color and design. And, if you want to add a personal touch, you can add custom embellishments and cut-outs.

With custom magnetic closure boxes, you can create a package that perfectly suits your products and budget. The magnetic closure keeps your packaging secure while providing a stylish, eye-catching appearance. And, since these boxes are made of solid chipboard, they are durable and lightweight. They can be decorated with graphics and images for a personal touch, as well as being retail-ready and storage-capable. So, if you want to make your custom magnetic closure boxes a great investment, contact Halcon Packaging today.

Clear windows

When it comes to cosmetics packaging, clear windows are an essential feature. Not only are these boxes attractive to look at, but they also add to the product’s upscale appeal. These boxes can be used for displaying items inside as well as for storing them. They are a convenient option for cosmetics packaging because they offer the consumer a clear view of what’s inside without the need to open the box. A clear window is a great benefit for cosmetics packaging, since clients will appreciate a window in the box while it also helps to maintain the integrity of the box’s outer packaging.

One of the main reasons that custom magnetic boxes are so popular is because of their attractive design. A window at the top lid makes them particularly easy to open. A clear window eliminates room for mistakes when wrapping delicate products, and it protects the packaging from any damage during shipping. Custom magnetic gift boxes can be ordered with or without clear windows. Custom-designed windows are available in many different materials, including glass, paperboard, and EPE.

Standard matte or glossy finish

Magnetic gift boxes are a unique form of presentation packaging. The best ones don’t flaunt their magnets, but they are more secure and sturdy than a typical gift box, adding rigidity and security to an otherwise flimsy product. Whether it’s a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or an everyday item, custom magnetic boxes can be customized to meet your needs. For example, a matte finish is available for magnetic gift boxes that won’t be seen unless the gift item is viewed from a certain angle.

If you’re printing on a custom magnetic box with a photo, choosing a matte finish is the best choice. A matte finish will highlight details in an image, but won’t challenge the viewer’s eyes as much as a glossy finish would. Matte-finish custom magnetic boxes also allow you to write on them, though ink may smudge more easily with a glossy finish.

Rope or ribbon handles

If you are looking for a way to give your custom magnetic boxes an elegant touch, you can add rope or ribbon handles to the lid. These handles will help your customers distinguish which side of the magnetic box is open and which is closed. This will enhance the customer experience and deliver extra comfort for your customers. Choose rope or ribbon handles for your custom magnetic boxes, and enjoy their elegant look. Listed below are some benefits of rope or ribbon handles.

– Stylish, sophisticated, and effortlessly chic. Suitable for high-end products, satin ribbon handles are stylish, sophisticated, and elegant. For a more luxurious look, you can use ribbon handles with plastic stops or knots. These handles are also available in bespoke colours and can coordinate beautifully with a luxury logo. Choose between twisted cord and satin ribbon handles for the most upscale look. These materials are durable, recyclable, and can be repurposed in a sustainable manner.

Brand ambassador

Your business deserves the best packaging to represent your brand, so you need custom magnetic boxes for your marketing materials. With the high demands of the market and cutthroat competition, bespoke solutions are a must. Not only is aesthetics an important factor in attracting new customers, but seamless printing plays a crucial role in creating an eye-catching presentation. Here are a few ways to add a little flair to your custom magnetic boxes.

Classic flip-top magnetic boxes are used to present high-end products, and they feature separate lids and bases with magnetics. These boxes can display your products on the aisle, while also delivering them to your influencers and subscribers. Magnetic boxes are perfect for a luxury product, because they look expensive but will never spoil. With Emenac Packaging, your brand will benefit from the best packaging solutions for your brand, so you can make your business shine and make a statement with your custom magnetic boxes.

Powerful marketing tool

Custom-printed magnetic boxes are a powerful marketing tool that can make your product stand out in the retail arena. These boxes are printed with a unique company logo and custom color to attract customers. Custom-printed boxes can also be imprinted with information about the product that a consumer might want to know without having to open the box. A well-designed custom box will help your company sell more product in a shorter time.

Custom magnetic boxes can come in many different shapes and sizes. A jewelry brand might choose to include a mini-cushions on the lid, while a watch brand may opt to add a self-adhesive ribbon to the box. Other companies may choose to include other items, such as SWAG or small components. With custom-made boxes, you can maximize your marketing efforts and reach your goals.


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