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5 Best Monsoon Treks in India


India is a tropical country. Monsoon in India lasts for four months starting from June to September. From the nostalgic smell of moist soil, the chilly breeze of air, lush greenery spreading everywhere, to waterfalls flowing from the mountains, everything about monsoons is magical. And to experience nature washing all the dirt off of last year from up close is equally fascinating.

But trekking is considered a dangerous activity in these seasons. Many trekking destinations are unavailable in these monsoon periods to avoid accidents. Well, that’s a bummer. But don’t lose hope so fast. For those who love monsoons and will love to explore nature at its best in this rainy season, here’s a list of the 5 best monsoon treks all over India.


Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass is a small passage between Chandra valley and Kullu valley which is mostly used by shepherds in that region to go to lush green landscapes from the barren desert of Lahul. The trek is a five to six-day trek, covering a 25 km distance of dramatically changing scenery. This trek offers a journey through dense and lush green oak, deodar, and maple forests in Kullu, along with meadows, streams, and then to dry landscapes with almost no vegetation. This trek promises astonishing views of mountains covered with wildflowers. Also, The Chandratal lake in Spiti tells a completely different story giving the peaceful vibe with the stillness of the water.



Harishchandragad Trek

Harishchandragad trek is a very difficult trek in the western ghats but an equally satisfying one. When you reach the fort, the wind sweeps all the tiredness from your face. 

This fort is located at an altitude of 4,670, in Malshej Ghat, Ahmednagar. The fort was built in the 6th century whereas the beautiful carving work in the caves is from the 11th century. The Kedareshwar caves, Satta Theertha Pushkarni, and Harishchandra temple are the main attractions of this place. The Konkan Kada is a cliff that is very famous for its breathtaking view. This is a one-day one-night trekking trip enjoyed by tourists in the monsoon.


Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund trek is considered a very easy trekking trip in the Himalayas. It is a holy lake in Kullu valley. It is believed that Maharshi Vyas used to bathe daily in the holy waters of Beas Kund. Beas Kund is located near Mt. Hanuman Tibba and seven sisters at an altitude of 3,650 metres. This trek offers picturesque natural sceneries surprising visitors at each turn.

Jaw-dropping views from Hanuman Tibba, Indrasan, and Deo Tibba peaks, serene vibes of Solan Nallah, and Manu temple are the main attractions of this trek.

It’s a five- to six-day trekking trip suitable for monsoons.


Mullayanagiri Trek

Mullyangiri being the highest point of Karnataka is a very popular trekking destination in the Western Ghats. Mullayanagiri Trek is an adventure for those who live for the high of being top of the world. Mullyangiri is located at the height of 6500 ft in the Chandra Dhorna Hills, Chikmagalur district. The monsoons bring these western ghats alive and you are treated with marvelous views of nature covered in emerald green with fog giving the illusion of clouds on earth.

Fascinating caves, the eye-warming beauty of the Baba Budangiri range, and the beautiful Manikyadhara Waterfall commonly known as ‘stream of pearls’ are the main attractions of this trek.


Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers is a National Park of India and UNESCO world heritage site situated in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand. The trek starts at Govind ghat. From there you have to trek towards Hemkund Sahib. Hemkund Sahib is a holy place for Sikhs. The gurudwaras there are very famous. When at the peak of Hemkund Sahib, you get the eye-warming view of an enormous blanket of multi-coloured flowers spread across everywhere, that is the valley of flowers itself. It is home to many rare and exotic flowers like blue poppy, Brahma Kamal, cobra lily, etc. 

The experience of trekking through these meadows, alpine forests is beyond words.

The valley of flowers trek is one of the oldest treks in the Himalayas. With an altitude of 14,100 ft, the trek falls under moderate level in difficulty and is very suitable for first-timers and family trips.

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