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5 Effective Ways to Improve your Writing Skills

Writing is one of the most important skills you must acquire in the modern-day world. Many people often overlook writing skills because they feel like there is no use to enhance their writing skills when they are not even going to use them much. But that’s not entirely true. Writing is a vital skill and many organisations seek writing skills in new hires irrespective of their designations. You can’t learn to write without writing. Many people assume that writing is a complicated process, but it is not. If you can speak well, you can write well. All you need is practice and dedication. Nevertheless, unlike speaking, writing leaves long-term evidence of the command you have over language. Written communication needs to be structured, this is the main reason why you should try to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your writing.

While it’s true that you can’t judge how smart or intelligent a person is based on their writing, writing skills are a significant feature to measure an individual’s performance in their academic life and work as well. Many students who lack writing skills seek online help with essay writing to submit well-written assignments by expert writers on time. However, it is not difficult to master your writing skills. It will take time and practice but you will eventually get there.

How to improve your writing skills?


Here in this article, we have discussed some ways to master your writing skills

1.      Develop a reading habit

Develop a reading habit
Develop a reading habit

Before writing in a language, you must be able to read it. Much like speaking and listening, reading and writing are also correlated to each other. Avid readers are also good writers. The more you read, the more ideas you will get to write. Moreover, reading different books will expose you to different authors and their writing styles. You can analyse their styles and also work on your own style. Moreover, reading will help you improve your vocabulary and grammar as well. Do not limit yourself to reading books only. Try reading different newspapers, magazines, articles, blogs, etc. You will see a significant change in your writing after you have read from several resources.

2.      Practice daily and write as much as you can

Practice daily and write as much as you can
Practice daily and write as much as you can

Practice makes a man perfect, and this is the key to improving your writing skills. If you don’t feel like writing every day, there’s not much you can do. You don’t have to necessarily write around 3000 words a day to improve. In fact, writing around 4 to 5 sentences per day is enough. You will see the results in no time. Just think about a topic you want to write on and start writing your first draft without thinking about grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or word choice. Give yourself some time and you will gradually see improvement in your writing. Additionally, you can take more hand-written notes, as they not only help in improving your writing skills but also aid you to remember things. You can keep a small diary or journal for this purpose and write as much as you want in it. Another thing you can do is practice writing down the things you hear. This may prove to be efficient in enhancing your writing and listening skills as well.

3.      Brainstorm your ideas

Brainstorm your ideas
Brainstorm your ideas

Intentionally trying to think of some ideas and points to write is called brainstorming. It’s a pre-writing stage and helps you quickly generate ideas. Starting with a mind-map is an effective means to enhance your writing skills. Brainstorm your ideas in bullet points, identify the vocabulary you are going to use and jot down the information you already have related to the topic. In addition to that, you can also brainstorm any quotes, stats, etc. you’d want to include in your writing task.

4.      The Writing Process

 Writing Process
The Writing Process

Writing is not just random scribbling of words, it is a complete process. The writing process is usually the part where most people give up. Many students seek assignment help London at this point. However, the process is not as complicated as some people assume it to be. The first thing you need to do after you have brainstormed your ideas is write down the first rough draft of the topic. Don’t focus on the grammatical mistakes or errors here, you can check them later. Include all the information and points you have brainstormed. After writing, you can review your work for grammar, spelling, etc. Apart from that, ensure your paragraphs have a topic sentence or the main theme, supporting ideas, and a conclusion. Make changes if needed, if not, ask someone to read it and give their feedback. No need to add unnecessary phrases, words, and adverbs. Make your writing as concise as possible. Your sentences should be simple and clear. Overall, the content you wrote should have a specific style that is unique to you.

5.      Keep an English dictionary & a grammar book with you

Keep an English dictionary & a grammar book with you
Keep an English dictionary & a grammar book with you

Dictionaries are now available online too so you don’t have to actually carry a book with you 24/7. You can simply install them from the Appstore or you can bookmark their websites for later use. Having access to a good dictionary is important as it will help you find alternatives and synonyms of words and expand your vocabulary. Moreover, you can always find out and confirm the meanings of words you’ve written or wish to write. On the other hand, grammar books are a must for you if you are a new writer and want to perfect your writing skills. Even if you believe that you don’t need a grammar book, getting one and completing grammar exercises will give your grammar the boost it needs.

To Sum Up

Mastering writing skills is easier than a lot of people think. All you need is patience, practice, dedication, and motivation to write. Rome wasn’t built in a day and great things take time. Sooner or later, you will improve your writing skills. Furthermore, if you follow the ways mentioned above, you will see a positive result in your writing.

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