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5 Major Differences Between Residential and Commercial Windows

Are you planning to remodel your house? Do you have plans to refurbish any commercial property? If so, then the glass is the best option that you can have at hand. Not only does glass make the building look chic, but also aesthetically pleasing. Today, we live in a society where appearance matters. This adage stands true not just for your cause, but also for the professional cause.

If you have an office, you want to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Since glass is a versatile material, people prefer using glass. Initially, people had this notion that the transparency of glass made people from the outside get to everything about what is going on inside. Later, with the evolution of the industry, people saw the various forms in which glass appeared. Today, with the help of frosted glass, you can maintain the right amount of privacy that you are looking forward to.

To manufacture glass, first, you need to either heat quartz or sand. The temperature used for this heating should be extremely high. However, with time, this manufacturing process has evolved a lot in the recent past. At present, to enhance the strength of glass, manufacturers use extensive processes. This not just adds high strength value to glass, but also makes the item durable and last long. Due to all these factors, today people rely much more on glass than any other item.

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However, the kind of glass used for residential purpose and commercial purposes is completely different. Unfortunately, not many are aware of this. So, we have come up with this blog to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of residential and commercial windows. Let’s begin with the blog.

  1. Difference in design

As per the design is considered, the commercial and residential windows appear completely different. Generally, the commercial windows are much larger than the residential ones. However, the purpose behind manufacturing large commercial windows is to let abundant light let inside the offices and buildings. In the office spaces, you need more light as the strength that resides inside these buildings is much more than in residential buildings.

Also, keeping in mind the purpose of office buildings, the strength in an office and a residential building is not the same. When it comes to commercial buildings, glass is the best option as it does not let the coolness of the air-conditioning let out at ease. The design of the commercial windows is largely similar. On the other hand, residential window glass design is available in abundance. Therefore, you can choose the residential window glass according to your choice.

  1. Difference in tinting

Since there is an accumulation of a large number of people in commercial buildings, the majority of the heat builds up there. Whereas, in a residential building, the footfall is less and the heat built up is also less. Often, you must have come across commercial buildings which are actually skyscrapers. The taller the building, the more susceptible it is to high temperatures. This is the reason there has to be a layer of window film and tint on commercial window glasses.

It is because of this tint that the interiors of the room remain cool enough for people to survive and work peacefully. Along with keeping the temperature cool inside, the commercial glasses prevent the HVAC systems of these commercial buildings from getting overworked. As a result, the whole official system runs in peace. Having said that, there are several options for tinted residential windows. Although tinted windows are a bit costly, if you are residing in a warmer climate, investing in a residential tinted glass is worth it.

  1. Difference in installation

When you are planning to invest in commercial or residential window glass, the matter of concern for most people is the installation. Most of you are worried about the installation process of these glasses. Compared to commercial window glasses, residential window glasses are lighter in weight. Further, the complexities of installing residential window glass are much more than installing commercial window glass.

However, if you can hire the best glazier in Birmingham, you will not face any issues with installing commercial window glasses. Also, it is necessary to be careful while installing these glasses. In commercial buildings, professionals have to climb up the ladder to fix the glass. Indeed, this is a risky job. The way you customize the commercial window glasses makes it even more difficult to install them. Again, when the installation of window glasses is a matter of concern, time is an essential factor. The installation of commercial windows takes much more time than residential commercial windows.

  1. Difference in strength

The strength of residential window glasses is not equivalent to commercial window glasses. The durability and sturdiness of commercial window glasses are much more than residential window glasses for obvious reasons. The former needs the strength to be held in buildings that have heavy footfall, unlike the windows of residential buildings. Since commercial windows have to bear the heavy winds and rain, the manufacturers manufacture them in a way that adds to their strength. On the other hand, it is important to install strong glass windows in residential properties as well for preventing strong winds and to ensure safety. Investing both in good commercial and residential glass windows can make it last for a long time.

  1. Difference in cost

When it comes to installing windows, the one factor that you cannot ignore is the cost. In both types of windows, a cost is involved. You certainly do not want to invest in something that does not last long. When you want a better-quality product, you may have to opt for items that are a little bit on the pricey side. However, the cost of commercial and residential window glasses varies greatly. Since the installation process for both is not the same, this variation exists between the two.


Irrespective of the type of window you install, it is important to hire an efficient professional who can help you in the best possible way. Make sure to hire skilled and trained local glaziers in Birmingham as you do not want to regret your decision later.


Olivia Williams is a professional blogger who keeps interest in various niches. She often posts and keeps updating her readers on various topics through different social media platforms.

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