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You didn’t do well on your last assignment. Unable to determine the cause of the poor score given your thorough investigation and practical work? We recognise that you could have done a fantastic job and submitted your assignment on time. However, your citations may be the main factor if your score is still poor. Citations, bibliographies, and references are essential components. It isn’t finished if you haven’t created a list of citations after your assignment and properly in-texted them. Correct citations always receive their marks. Poor citations result in bad grades and, in some circumstances, even fines. So the topic of this blog article is how to cite sources correctly. We help you comprehend how to cite sources in your assignment properly.

  • Write down all the sources used to create a list at the conclusion:

To ensure you don’t overlook any critical sources, you should start by making side-by-side notes of all the sources you consult while conducting your research. To keep track of the authorities, you may list them all separately on a page.

  • Mark the area where the citation should go:

The citation space is placed in the second step, ensuring you don’t neglect to cite something correctly.

  • Be aware of the correct source format:

Knowing the correct format for the sources is the third stage. There are several forms of citing sources, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Every university has a unique citation format that is used. To earn credit for it, you must ensure that your citations are in the proper form.

  • Thoroughly proofread your citations:

It is essential that you carefully proofread your paper. However, proofreading goes beyond only the paper’s substance. It is also necessary to proofread your citations because you could make mistakes and only discover them after cross-checking. As a result, ensuring the accuracy of your sources requires proofreading.

  • Ask your tutor for help:

You could be unaware of the citations. It’s conceivable. But in these circumstances, getting help is essential. Then, you may complete the remaining citations.

Citations are essential for creating a suitable paper to sum up. Even if an assignment is practical, low grades result from inadequate sources. Make sure you can get high rates as an undergraduate and graduate student. Never undervalue the significance of citations in your assignment; they are crucial.


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