6 Common Methods to Cash app bank name For Direct Deposit

Cash app bank name

Cash App is an application that provides a facility for its customer of digital payment. Apart from that, it also provides a lot more facilities like Cash cards, Cash App borrow moneystock investment, and a lot more. Cash App is connected to two main banks which provides it a suitable platform to perform as a payment application.

There are two banks that are connected to Cash App. one of them is Lincoln Saving Bank and another one is Sutton bank. without the assistance and support of these banks, Cash App would not able to perform well as it does. Both of these banks are connected to Cash App. however, none of them take responsibility for the Cash App.  Every Cash App customer has assigned one of both banks but they don’t get information about it at the time of creating an account. However, you can check your cash app bank name if you follow accurate instructions.

Cash App bank name and address

As we mentioned Cash App is connected to 2 main bank Sutton bank and lincoln saving bank. Cash App has allotted one of these banks to each of their customers and did mention it on their Cash App account. However many Cash App users find it difficult to find their Cash App bank name. After Cash App login you can easily check your Cash App bank and routing number.

Cash App has no specific office or address that you can visit. Cash App does not own any physical building or any headquarter that’s why they do not mention any office address on their website. It does provide a customer care address on its website for those who want to send emails. Some people get confused and visit Sutton bank or lincoln saving bank in order to ask queries about Cash App. trust us you will get no help there. Yes, it is true that you must get and selected bank but that does not take any responsibility for Cash App issues. Even their customer services cant help you in any form. If you need any help you can send mail to Cash App mentioned address or contact Cash App customer service. 

How to check Cash App bank name 

Every customer of Cash App has a specific bank among lincoln saving bank and Sutton bank. To find which one is yours you simply have to follow the instruction given below.

  • Open your device
  • Login Cash App account
  • Open homepage
  • Select balance
  • Tap on deposit and transfers.
  • Scroll down
  • Find Cash App routing number
  • Below that you can clearly see your allotted bank name

Can I contact Sutton Bank?

Sutton Bank’s headquarter address is 1 S Main St, Attica, OH 44807, United States. To make communication easy Sutton Bank also has mentioned their customer care number in case anyone wants to contact them. You can contact Sutton bank but not for Cash App which will just not help you in any form. Sutton bank has mentioned several times that they do not take any responsibility for Cash App issues and errors.

You can directly contact Cash App for any help related to your account and transaction. Cash App provides five ways to contact Cash App customer service.

  • Social media
  • Application
  • Mail
  • Website
  • call

What is my Cash App routing number?

The Cash App routing number is a specified number for each Cash App user. Every user owns a unique number. Cash App bank has mentioned these numbers according to the bank customers get allotted. Assuming your routing number begins with the number “07,” for instance, 073905527 or 073923033, Lincoln Saving Bank is your allotted bank. If your routing number begins with the number 04, for example, 041208777 or 041215663, Sutton Bank is your allotted bank.

You can easily check your cash App routing number from your Cash App account itself. All you have to do is follow the mentioned instruction and you will be good to go.

  • Open the Cash App on your device
  • Login to your Cash App account
  • Open homepage
  • Find balance
  • Click on balance
  • Tap on Routing and Account Number
  • Copy accounts
  • Copy sort codes

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