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Computers and Technology

6 event planning tools every event manager should use

Every event manager wants to run an event that requires less stress and work. Unluckily it cannot happen if the event manager manually processes an event. Using event planning tools can help event managers to a great extent. Furthermore, an event manager cannot rest even if the event takes place because there are ample amounts of work to be done till the execution of a successful event. Not only does the event manager have to work hard till the event’s execution, but he also needs to follow up with clients even after the event ends.

Event management is complex, for sure. Managing every element of the entire event is undoubtedly a daunting task. However, efficient event planners use event planning tools to make their events successful. In addition, event management can become a tricky process if the event managers do not adapt to advanced technology and make use of the advanced event management CRM tools that can take their events to the next level.

Event managers who use advanced event planning tools remain on top of it all. However, they surely stay on top using the latest event planning tools. Also, one tool may not be enough to carry out the entire event planning process, but multiple tools can help an event manager conduct an extraordinary event.

Numerous event planning tools exist but incorporating the right one in your event planning can help you run a smooth event. Furthermore, an event planning tool enables you to attain all your event-related goals and objectives. However, an event manager will not miss anything once they start using the event planning tools.

Event management CRM and other top notch event planning tools

How to select the right event-planning tools?

Event planning itself is more challenging, and so does the selection of the right event-planning tool. However, your tool selection primarily decides whether your event will succeed or fail. You must choose the proper event planning, so the entire event takes place smoothly. Also, the appropriate selection may help you get word free from the pity issues of the event because the tools themselves take care of that.

 Following are some of the factors that you must consider before choosing an event planning tool:

  • Easy to use

The first thing that you must look for in an event planning tool is its user-friendliness. Also, it must not require high-end training. Make sure that the tool is not only easy to use for you but your entire team also. In addition, you can surely opt for a demo and see if it best fits your event needs. If your event planning tools are easy to use, your entire team will willingly use them for the event planning process.

  • Support

How does the tool support your event? And does it require some extra charges, or does it have specific usage timings? These are some crucial questions that you must ask yourself while choosing a particular software for your event. Real-life support is mandatory when it comes to a good event management tool.

  • Word of mouth

Valuable feedback related to the event planning tools is a must from your peers and colleagues. You must hear the tool’s feedback to make a wise decision. Feedback and referrals from peers and colleagues play a vital role in selecting the right tool.

Following are some of the best event planning tools that can help any event manager to plan an event.

  • Eventbrite

Eventbrite lets you explore the real-time insights of the attendees. You can access and view the data through charts, reports, and visual analytics. Moreover, there is an Eventbrite organizer app that lets you tell about ticket sales and ensures you the latest information regarding the event management CRM. In addition, live attendance tracking is an excellent thing where the tool aids greatly.

  • Bevy

Another dynamic event planning tool, Bevy, helps you conduct events in person and virtually. Moreover, it is an all-in-one platform that enables event managers to plan and execute an event effortlessly. Besides, Bevy integrates with other tools to ensure you have the best all-in-one platform.

  • Google Drive

Another popular event planning tool is the one we all know, google drive, and it has been helping event managers for decades to plan and execute events effortlessly.


Event planning is truly a hectic task if the event planner manages the entire event manually. Yes, it can become a stress-free job if event planners understand the need to use event management CRM software.

There are a variety of event planning tools discussed in the blog which can help event managers plan a smooth yet successful event.

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Please connect the keyword with the heading when it makes sense only. Here “event management CRM and What are event planning tools” do not make any sense. For example, you can write event management CRM and other top event planning tools. Because a CRM is itself a tool.

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