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6 Tests To Identify Genuine And Pure Saffron

Saffron the spice that gives meals a lovely golden color. It provides that unique characteristic aroma and flavor, is the most costly spice in the world, and costs even more than gold. But where to purchase it from and how to know it is pure or not. Bulk saffron wholesalers & suppliers provide us with genuine information about these, which may help to identify them.

You may wonder why people bother using it if it’s so pricey. The truth is that when used in cooking, saffron can bring a tonne of flavor, color, and fragrance to your food with only a modest amount. It’s a genuinely distinctive spice that is lovely and delicious and offers many health advantages.

Would you like additional information on saffron? If so, then no need to worry. We’ll examine many features of saffron in this article, including its origin and history, health advantages, how it is grown and produced, and how to use and test them.

What Is Saffron?

Saffron is one of the most luxurious and expensive spices. It is a unique spice used by historical figures like Cleopatra and Alexander the Great. Also, it tastes delicate yet fragrantly sweet and floral with a hint of sweetness. Any meal gets a layer of depth from saffron.

Where Does Saffron Come From?

Saffron is the harvested stigma of the autumn crocus flower, more commonly referred to as saffron crocus. It is believed saffron originated in ancient Greece, but today it is grown in countries with arid climates like Afghanistan, India, Iran, Greece, and Morocco. In fact, with hot, dry winds over semi-arid lands, Afghanistan’s growing region is ideal for growing saffron.

How Can I Be Sure That My Saffron Is Organic?

When purchasing saffron, it is critical to buy high-quality it from a reputable seller. Bulk saffron wholesalers & suppliers go above and beyond to ensure that it has the most outstanding flavor and is constantly of the highest quality.

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The spice industry is well-known for tainting saffron because of the spice’s high price. So, to offset the high expense of manufacture, it is far too frequently sliced with safflower or even reddish corn husks.

Saffron at its best and most natural should have deep crimson tips that are orange or yellow.

If your saffron jar is fully crimson, the provider likely dyed the batch to hide impurities, chemicals, or a low-quality harvest. Saffron that appears ragged, worn, or has a lot of pale streaks is another sign of low-grade saffron. You can perform two simple at-home tests to determine the quality of your saffron if you’re still unsure.

Six Tests To Identify Real/Pure Saffron

  1. Fragrance: According to several experts, saffron has a lovely smell. It reminds me of paella, with a distinct but not fully sweet aroma, and I think it’s nice and husky. It is not surprising that saffron makes one think of paella. The rice in that dish contains saffron, and the inclusion of the spice gives paella a strong smell. Real saffron has an aroma that is “a combination of soil, tobacco, vanilla, honey, salty-sweet,” according to one saffron grower.
  2. Appearance: Saffron strands are strings-like, and a thread is genuine if it does not swell at one end. Your skin will turn yellowish or orange if you rub actual saffron between your fingers.
  3. Taste: Although saffron has a lovely aroma, its flavor is slightly bitter rather than sweet.
  4. Time for watercolor release: Place the threads in a little container filled with warm water. At least 15 minutes should pass. Water gradually becomes yellow when you add a real one. Additionally, it could take up to an hour for the color to change. The actual threads maintain their crimson hue. The substance is not original if the water does not change color, changes slowly, turns red, or if the lines lose its color. That was obvious it wasn’t real because of it. Additionally, if you touch actual saffron threads between your fingers after soaking, they will not fall apart. Fakes, on the other hand, frequently disintegrate.
  5. How it behaves in baking soda– Mix saffron and baking soda in a small jar, then add water over the mixture. It is genuine saffron if it turns yellow.
  6. Price: If it’s not very pricey, there’s a good possibility it’s not real saffron. Based only on this price test, I should have had my doubts about the material from the start.

Tips On Purchasing Saffron

Never purchase ground saffron. Even though your recipe might ask for ground, you can at least tell if it is authentic if you buy it in threads.

It never hurts to know that you should purchase from a reputable source. That source can be a store you trust or an online seller you have vetted. Once the substance is grounding, it is nearly hard to tell what is true from what is fake or treated with. Additionally, even if true, ground saffron may contain substances like starch, colored rice flour, or other spices like paprika or turmeric.

Does Saffron Have Nutritional Benefits?

Saffron has been beneficial in traditional treatments for millennia in civilizations ranging from Persian to Indian. It has been helpful for years to treat many conditions, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dry skin, asthma, cough, heartburn, insomnia, depression, and other disorders.

Also, to get all of the medical benefits of saffron, several cultures brew it as tea or in saffron milk. Saffron is also applied straight to the scalp in various parts of the world to treat baldness. Many people think that saffron has calming, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant properties. Further, it turns out to be a natural mood booster.

How Do You Use Saffron?

Most frequently, saffron is useful as a food with a distinctive yet delicate flavor to improve flavor. Here are several ways to give this traditional spice a contemporary spin.

Cooking Tip: When making rice or risotto for two people, you only need 8–12 threads of saffron because of the scent and flavor. So, to bring out the full flavor of the saffron, grind the threads using a mortar and pestle until they resemble powder for use in baking or non-liquid dishes. Each recipe has a different quantity of saffron, but a healthy pinch is a good starting point.


Saffron may have a rich flavor, but that doesn’t mean cooking with it has to be difficult. So get the best-quality spices and a completely transparent supply chain. Test and identify whether you have 100% pure saffron or not, and check the price, taste, and aroma. They are highly beneficial for various applications.

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