6 Types of Unique Apps by an Android App Development Company in 2022

The mobile industry is frenetically expanding in the 21st century, attracting organisations from all over the world. Therefore, it would be shocking to see the mobile app revenue skyrocketing in 2022. The demand for smartphones has given rise to app development, where especially the android app development company is creating unique apps to create a competitive edge. Digitalisation and automation have further increased the app demand providing great accessibility to users while connecting them seamlessly with the brand. This means users have access to a brand’s products, services and information related to offers.

Look around you, and you will see everyone carrying a smartphone, be it an android phone or an iOS. Each works efficiently to deliver the required services. However, they differ in their functionality and the features they have to offer to the customers. Though the iOS operating system is more advanced, the android users are more. The mobile app development company creates smartphones that help users explore, browse, download, etc. According to recent research, more than 3.8 billion mobile phone users are. Moreover, with the integration of advanced technologies like the internet of things, the mobile industry will receive more recognition, breaking all the records of previous purchases and app downloads in 2022.

Why Should Organizations Hire an Android App Development Company?

Before moving forward with anything else, it becomes essential to know about mobile apps. The mobile applications are small software that runs on smartphones and tablets. They have limited functionality and more features to provide quality services to users. The applications designed for mobile apps are different from that for desktop computers. Few apps come pre-installed by the iOS or Android app development company. These include games, calculators, browsers, contact phonebooks, etc. In contrast, the others need to be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.

The mobile apps used in the olden days greatly vary from today’s apps. Today organisations use more cross-platform apps by creating a code that seamlessly works on both the operating systems to develop similar applications. It becomes vital for organisations to hire an app development company to create hi-tech professional mobile applications that align with the company’s goals and needs. Here, the company does everything from developing back-end to front-end to create immersive user experiences while integrating next-age technologies.

6 Types of Mobile Apps

  • Business Apps

Business apps utilise a large part of the market today. It is due to the increase in demand for mobile phones that require apps. Since digitalisation has changed how things work now, companies want to reach more people through devices connecting the business and customers via a strong internet connection. These apps even enable businesses to complete complicated tasks in minutes. These apps can do anything from sending emails to tracking the work progress. The business apps focus on optimising productivity and performance while decreasing the overall costs. Everything that was first done by humans manually can now be automated or completed remotely.

  • M-commerce Apps

You might have quite heard about the e-commerce apps. Now, get to know about M-commerce apps like eBay and Amazon. These applications cater to customers giving them the desktop experience on mobile phones. It is the most convenient form of access to a company’s products and services. The android app development company is now more focused on creating such applications that make robust mobile payment methods optimising users’ shopping experiences. Imagine completing your grocery shopping from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile app.

  • Gaming Apps

One of the most used categories of mobile apps has to be the gaming applications that keep the gamers or customers hooked to the screens. Companies have come a long way from pre-installed gaming apps to people installing them from Play Store. The advancement in technology allowed businesses to experiment with such apps, building gamers’ interest. Gaming has become one of the largest industries facilitating people from video to stationary games. These include sports, fighting, table, guessing, searching, and other games that keep the user’s interest intact. Most of the apps seen on anyone’s mobile phones are related to games where many users even spend thousands of dollars to continue playing the game.

  • Travel Apps

Travelling has recently gained immense popularity, especially after the pandemic hit. People were tied up in their houses for a long time, so they started visiting countries as soon as their impact lessened. Here the travel applications came in handy, allowing people to travel the world easily. It acted as a guide for customers searching for places, hotels, transportation, restaurants, famous places, etc. These apps leverage them with all the details. If you have noticed tourists, you might have seen them being digitally savvy because they use apps to find things much more efficiently rather than wasting time asking people. Just imagine travelling without Google Maps or Airbnb, and you will get your answer.

  • Entertainment Apps

The iOS or Android app development company focuses on creating entertainment apps, allowing users to stream video content, chat, search or watch online content. These apps usually require a strong internet connection to work seamlessly and cannot work in an offline mode. Many social media applications like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are prime examples of such apps. Besides this, Netflix is a popular app used by consumers worldwide, letting them watch old and latest shows, movies, series, cartoons, etc. This enhanced user engagement by regularly updating its customers about the new services or products in real-time.

  • Educational Apps

Another essential app that has stood the test of time is the educational app. It helps users gain knowledge and learn new skills. Many English learning applications such as Duolingo help users learn proper English and pronunciation, providing them great flexibility in the learning time period. These mobile apps also leverage users with educational game apps that increase users’ interest, making them learn as part of the entertainment.

Mobile applications have become an important part of the growing world where customers and businesses are looking for ways to stay connected. Here the iOS or Android app development company strives to create advanced apps. These mitigate future issues related to connectivity and information. The above were a few examples of such apps, but there are more, which we will discuss some other time.

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