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6 Uses Of Blossom In India For Different Festivals

Flowers have the inherent capacity to illuminate any occasion, be it a birthday bash or your famous festival. Since the time festivals evolved into such an essential part of our lives, and the planning behind commemorating a festival so that it evolves into an unforgettable occasion & a testament to our belief, festivals have been an accompaniment without which no extravaganza is complete. 

From embellishing the altar of worship to decking up the people participating in the extravaganzas, blossom play an essential role in every Indian festival. The scope & essentials of which have only grown always & exponentially. From Ganesh Chaturthi to Navratri extravaganzas, flowers have been greet and used to their highest potential at every event. So, You can order flowers online, and the option of online delivery of flowers has only contributed to the ever-growing significance of flowers in our lives by making flowers effortlessly available. Something everyone can afford & revel in its magnificence and tranquility.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Arguably one of the most optimistic festivals of India, this one is devote to the Lord of Beginnings, aka Lord Ganapati. Blossoms are a key factor of the extravaganza, and the Lord is honor with some of His favor blossoms, including the red hibiscus, marigold, & crown blossom (Calotropis gigantea). In coastal Karnataka, the Mangalore jasmine, a slight, sweet-smelling native combination, is thought highly encouraging, as is the inflorescence of the areca nut palm. These blossoms are specially sourced for the celebration & offered to God. Twenty-one is deem as a sacre number, and 21 types of flowers and leaves are utilize for the puja ceremony.


Onam is a celebration of the harvest in Kerala. It is also a celebration of blossom. The weather in Kerala is encouraging for bearing flowers on plants. The lovely thing about this festival is the flowery Rangoli called ‘Athapoo’ because it starts on – Attam, which is the 1st day of the festival Onam & runs on till the last day – Thiruonam. It is the season and celebration of flowers everywhere.

The blossoms use for Athappookalam are unique, and not all the flowers are utilize to form rangoli. The flowers used to drive floral rangoli in this celebration are. It is a tiny white blossom that is a necessary part of Onam. Tulasi is require and is an essential part of Onam Pookalam. Its green shade improves rangoli’s shade and aroma, making the surroundings tranquil.


Deepawali is a festival commemorate by millions across India and the globe. Accordingly, this festival is arguably the most famous festival in our country. Deepawali represents hope, progress, and wealth and is an ode to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, an extravaganza that commemorates the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

Indeed, the festivities begin with the deep cleaning of houses, after which they are decorate with flowers of many types. Red is the shade associate with Goddess Lakshmi, and thus red roses, chrysanthemums, and gerberas rule the roost. Similarly these blossoms bring in liveliness & positive and rejuvenating vibes. Front doors are ornament with rangoli, embroidered with flowers and diyas. Flowers & flower petals are flowed in large “rules” loaded with water with candles set in between to present a stunning look-online flower delivery in Ghaziabad is available.  

Raksha Bandhan

This festival finally Represents the bonding between a sister & a brother and is commemorated with plenty of love every year. The sibling bond cannot be describe in words. Also In India, the “Raksha Bandhan” festival is devote to the love that siblings share. The brother pledges to his sister to save her for a lifetime. According to the Hindu calendar, the festival is commemorate on the full moon day, which falls in the month of Shravana. It drops in August.


Now the festival that commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus is also inherently associate with blossoms, including roses and poinsettia. Finally, red is the shade of the festival, and hence red roses, gladioli, and gerberas are utilize to embellish houses and front doors. Holly, ivy, and mistletoe are other blooms utilize in Christmas extravaganzas.


The whole nation commemorates the birthday of Lord Krishna with great zeal. However, there is a friendly atmosphere everywhere, where little kids are dress up as little Krishna. And the sweet stores are full of various types of sweets.

Even, the flower stores have various kinds of flowers and bouquets for Janamasthami, and these bouquets are also use to illustrate dahi handis extravaganzas. Plenty of plays are perform, and temples are adorn using flowers.

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