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6 Ways Traveling Can Mend Your Heartbreak After Going Through A Bad Breakup

Traveling is one of the best things in life. To see the world’s beauty in different angles and lands, what a wonderful thing it is indeed! People travel to celebrate life, to be thankful for the grace of the Earth, to make their happiness even happier! But little do many know that some people also travel because they are sad and broken. Many travel to relieve sadness and find happiness again. Many travel to recover from a breakup.

Breaking up with the person you love and who loves you too, for whatever reason there is, is never a good feeling, especially if the relationship did not end on good terms. It is definitely heart-rending, and there’s no certainty of how long the pain will stay inside. Everyone who has experienced parting ways with a lover completely knows how hard it is. Nonetheless, everyone needs to move on and go on with life too. But uh-huh, that’s pretty much easier said than done. 

People who just went through a breakup find many ways to heal and get over their gloomy  circumstances. Well, there are actually a lot of helpful ways. Depending on the degree of your intense emotions and on your emotional management capabilities, they shall work for you. One of them is, as mentioned earlier, traveling. 

Here are 6 ways traveling can mend your heartbreak after going through a bad breakup.          

1 – Traveling changes your environment.

traveling solo

Remembering the things you did together in the places you stayed in and visited together never helps when you are trying to move on. Everywhere you look, everything reminds you of your ex-lover. You cannot take the first few steps to move out of the pain if everything your sight reaches brings back memories that cause you pain.

Traveling is the best way to alter what your eyes see, so your mind and your heart can calm down and rest. Traveling changes your environment and keeps you away from day-to-day locations that do not make you feel any better. It helps you take a big break from the surroundings that were once home to you but now feels uncomfortable. 

Leave for a while, and travel. When you go back, you will notice aidful changes because of your change in environment. Soon, you will feel at home again.  

2 – It makes you busy and productive.


You have cried already, ranted already and thought a lot already, right? Now, do something else to keep yourself busy and productive, so you will not spend all your precious time dwelling on pain. Go travel! 

Traveling makes you busy and productive. From planning your itineraries, booking your flights, hotels and other reservations, and many more tasks, you will surely be kept busy. Aside from these, enjoying your trip is equal to productivity as well! Necessary rest and relaxation? They’re also considered productive! 

3 – You get the chance to shout and scream the heaviness away. 


Many people do this once they get to the summit of the mountain after hiking or once they visit a tranquil beach where not so many people are present. They scream their lungs out to release the weight. It actually helps a lot. 

When you travel, you get the chance to shout and scream the heaviness away. In the middle of a nature-embraced travel itinerary, you can take your worries and problems out of your chest by shouting there! You cannot really do this at home or in the city because you will be embarrassed, and you will absolutely startle and disturb people. Travel to somewhere you can get restored and rejuvenated in and out. 

4 – Traveling can help you elevate your confidence. 


There are loads of fun and adventure that await you if you travel. You can experience a lot of fantastic activities, try new food, see new things, visit places you’ve just seen from the Internet and more. You can learn many things, too, including relevant information about yourself. Find out more of your capabilities, strengths and hidden talents while you enjoy traveling! This is particularly when you travel alone. 

If your bad breakup dragged your self-esteem and confidence down, traveling can help you elevate them. Re-discover and improve your independence. Love and be proud of yourself!

5 – You meet new faces when you travel.

group traveling

Traveling allows you to meet new faces. It’s inevitable. So many people are traveling locally and internationally everyday. You meet some of them when you travel. You can have new friends who are good people too! 

This allows you to boost your socialization skills and to get back up from the time you shut everyone out because of your heartbreak. Here, you realize that there are some people beside you, who have your back, even if you have just met them. 

Just make sure to be careful when encountering new people to keep yourself safe as well. 

6 – Traveling allows you to peacefully reflect on life. 

traveling solo

Stop remembering your travel plans together which are now impossible to happen. Stop ruminating about how your planned trips and romantic getaways would have been the best times of your lives. Quit coming back to your thoughts of regrets, what-ifs and would-have-beens. That’s not the way to move on. It’s done. Your relationship has ended. You will travel alone now, and that’s fine.  

Actually, traveling alone could be a powerful tool. It’s an opportunity for you to clear your head, to think straight and to refocus yourself. Traveling allows you to peacefully reflect on life. It makes you come to certain realizations that will help you heal and forgive. 

Welcome fresh viewpoints in life. Travel to peacefully refresh and restart.  



Traveling might be an expensive remedy, but it surely is worth it. It can heal your heart in ways staying at home and roaming around familiar places cannot. Healing from a heartbreak after a breakup will take some time, but you will get there. For now, go somewhere else, travel, and you can find there, not a quick fix, but a gentle balm that changes you into somebody so much better than now. 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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