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7 Things to Do in Puno Jaipur’s Adventure Arena


An Overview

Many things spring to mind when we think of adventure. These include hanging out with friends and planning adventures, driving long distances through mountains, and spending time with family. Because we don’t have enough time to leave our jobs, it is difficult for us to take a step back from our daily lives and enjoy a weekend or a vacation. Our hectic work schedules cause us to lose touch with our loved ones.


PUNO JAIPUR has created “The Adventure Arena” to bring back memories and strengthen relationships with loved ones.


Information about the activities

PUNO, a new entertainment and gaming venue in Jaipur, offers a variety of fun and exciting activities for people who are looking for a great time. Its main purpose is to relax and help you get rid of your daily stress. You can choose from indoor or outdoor activities depending on your preference.

Today’s kids are more interested in playing on their smartphones, tablets or laptops than they are in outdoor activities. This has led to

Family time is fun

PUNO was created to provide a place for children and guardians to enjoy quality time away from the stress of everyday life. PUNO is open to all members of the family. They regain the joy and sense of fun that they lost because of their busy lives.


Puno’s Hunger Station offers delicious snacks and beverages to help you recover from exhaustion due to all the energising activities. We provide the highest quality snacks and beverages to satisfy your hunger. Enjoy the adventure games with your friends and enjoy delicious snacks.



192-196 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar A, Ajmer Road, Jaipur-302019 (Raj.) INDIA Fantasy Square


Here are the Top 7 Things You Can Do in PUNO While you’re There


  • Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is the best way to get started with PUNO. This is the final step in your progression of Freestyle and gaining PUNO honour! Like Michael Jordan, push the ball through the crate. This will allow you to make the most out of your ability to accomplish anything quickly.


  • Bridge with Swings

Swing Bridge seems dangerous and daring, but it is not if you actually play it. You can play PUNO without fear and in total craziness. Are you looking to run on swinging extensions while your competitors try to make you look like a sea of brilliant balls? As you reach a higher level, the intensity of the rush and experience at PUNO will increase.


  • The Sky Runner

Sky Stepper will take you to new heights. Players will need to climb columns at different levels until they reach their highest breaking point. At that point, they can take a leap into the enchantment offered by the PUNO system.


  • The Sky’s Defences

Sky Walls at PUNO are the best place to go if you’re looking to challenge yourself and do some challenging exercises. Straight 90-degree dividers enable true mountaineering with zeal.


  • 3D Needle Puno

3D Needle PUNO is a platform for fun and creativity that aims to develop the imagination. The 3D Needle PUNO frame is so captivating that no one can look away. It combines humor and excitement, and may make you ‘uhh ohh!’ for a split second.


  • Interactivity in trampoline

Interactive trampoline is a hybrid of trampoline and PC game. The player coordinates the creation of a virtual character and performs freestyle stunts to win.


  • The adventure arena at PUNO.

PUNO is a way to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones. PUNO is available to all and could be a one-stop-shop for all your redirection needs. Because of our unhealthy lifestyle choices, our prosperity is a wonderful dream. PUNO is a way to have fun and control your health. PUNO guarantees your complete improvement. This allows you to have fun, enjoy your friends, and work towards your health goals all at once.


Your Experience

We want to offer you the chance to be outside and have fun with your family. We want you to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your family.

We recognize that true success is just as important as mental well-being. We strive to offer our customers delicious, high-quality foods.


PUNO makes it possible to enjoy your adventure faster and more efficiently. We strive to provide vacation fun and experiences at an affordable price. PUNO has an experienced management team and a venue for events.

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