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7 Tips to Find the Best Plasterers in Melbourne

If you’re thinking and planning to renovate your home, you might be wondering how to find the best plasterers in your area. Plastering contractors have extensive experience working with drywall and fine finishing materials, so their services can be of significant benefit in creating the perfect look for your home or office. We have the top seven tips for finding the best plasterers in your area.

Plastering is not a job that a layperson can do; you should look for certified plasterers in Melbourne to have the best result. Plasterers are professionals that are responsible for applying plaster over a surface. They do this using tools such as trowels and floats, among others, and they usually wear protective clothing while they work. If you are up for renovating your home or business, you may need to hire plasterers to complete your project, so it’s essential to know how to find the best ones.

Tips to Find the Best Plasterers in Melbourne

1. Recommendations

No matter how many online reviews you scour, it’s difficult to tell if a plastering service in Melbourne is any good until they’ve finished their work. Ask around once they get done. Does your neighbour have experience with one of these painters in Preston? How did it go? If you have someone who knows about plasters, ask them for recommendations based on their own experiences or for referrals for other tradespeople.

2. Know What You Want

Before you start looking for a plastering service in Melbourne, make sure you have a good idea of what you need. Are you looking for painters in Preston to paint an accent wall or do a whole house? Know how much work you want to be done before searching. If nothing works to your advantage head on over to experts, and they’ll connect you with prescreened professionals who are ready and able to work on your next project!

3. Reviews

If you’re looking for plasterers in your area, start by searching online for local business directories and reviews of businesses. If there are many plasterers with high reviews available, consider choosing a few plasterers that seem reliable and reach out to them directly. If your local area doesn’t have much information available online, ask friends or family members if they know any excellent plasterers—they might even be able to recommend someone!

4. Get Quotes from Several Options

If you want to find a plasterer, you’ll want more than one quote. Many general contractors or handypersons do their plastering and don’t specialise in it. That means they might be able to do some plastering work but aren’t necessarily equipped for complex jobs that require skill with specialised tools, such as lath knives.

5. Don’t Hire Until You’re Ready

Finding a good plasterer can be tricky, but it is not impossible. If you hire a plasterer too early, there will be little work for them to do. If you hire too late, they may not have time to complete your project properly. Be sure to plan and schedule your job early enough and keep in touch with them regularly so they don’t forget about you.

6. Commitments

In some cases, plasterers will commit to projects too complex or too big. When it comes time for a contractor to do their job, it may become apparent that they’re not up for what you need. You should expect your contractor to be honest about what he can and cannot handle, and if you don’t feel like he is being straightforward with you, it might be time to consider another painter.

7. Negotiation

When you’re a homeowner seeking outside help, especially for a big job, remember paying for work—not just labor. Mention all of your agreements in writing and get everything signed. Ask contractors for their best price upfront and tell them you don’t want any hidden fees or extra charges. And always take time to review samples and references from previous jobs they’ve done before making a decision.

Wrap Up

Finding good plasterers can be difficult, but you should find some great plasterers with these seven tips. By following these tips, you’ll be able to hire some good plasterers who will do an excellent job on your project! We are Blue Sky Coatings, and we are known for providing the best plastering solutions. Being the leading plasterers in Melbourne, we pride ourselves in maintaining this workflow:

  • Consultation
  • Finalising services
  • Executing work
  • Making last-minute checks
  • Deliver on time


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