8 Current Translations Instrument

Today’s translators use a number of practical translation tools to improve their productivity and produce precise, excellent translations. By accelerating and improving the translation process, such technologies assist translators in providing high-quality translation services. Of course, they also save time and effort for translators. The following eight translation tools are essential for all translators. You can also visit Certified True Copy Attestation for additional references.

Why are translation aids required?

Using translation software has a number of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Increasing output.
  • Increase the translation’s speed.
  • Make sure the translation is accurate.
  • Up the calibre of the translation.
  • Make sure everything is cost-effective.

There are several translation tools now accessible, some of them including:

  • MemoQ

A trustworthy and pricey translation tool is MemoQ. The many helpful features of this application, like quick spell checking, automated saving, the ability to extract and import terminology from any glossaries, and free online training, boost the efficiency of translators. To test out this software, there is a 30-day trial with bare-bones functionality. It aids in the quick and accurate production of translation services in every nation by translators and translation bureaus.

  • SDL Trados Studio

SDL Trados is unquestionably one of the most complete translation tools. This software comes in two variations, one for translators and the other for businesses. The Auto Suggest tool, Translation Memory feature, Concordance Search feature, PDF OCR reader, and language-specific QA checks are just a few of the cutting-edge capabilities offered by SDL Trados. A 30-day trial is available to try first.

  • Wordfast 

This translation tool aids in time, resource, and labor savings for translators. It includes a lot of useful functions, like a spell-checker and translation memories. Wordfast is available in two different versions: Wordfast Classic, which only supports Word documents, and Wordfast Pro, which supports a variety of formats. To test out this software, there is a 30-day trial with bare-bones functionality.

  • Across

It’s a thorough translation tool. This tool increases translation productivity while reducing costs and work. A free online version with less functionality is available.

  • Déjà Vu

A trustworthy translation technology that makes database-supported translation easier is called Déjà Vu. Numerous file formats are supported by this translation application. A 30-day trial is available.

  • Smartcat

A thorough and cost-free translation tool is Smartcat. Smartcat is a free tool, however it also has certain commercial features. All terms in a text can be recognised by Smartcat, along with the appropriate translation. This translation programme covers more than 70 languages and features an automatic quality control option.

  • Google Docs

A free translation tool with lots of benefits is Google Docs. It is a cloud-based translation tool, so instead of writing on your computer, you may do so on a Google server. It facilitates translation and conserves time and energy.

Google Translate is an option, but you shouldn’t rely entirely on it since it is a literal translation.

  • OmegaT

OmegaT is a trustworthy open source translation tool that is free to use. It includes a lot of helpful capabilities, like glossary matching, match propagation, context search in translation memories, and spell checking. This technology aids translators in increasing output and streamlining their facilities’ translation procedures.


The eight advanced translation tools listed above assist translators work more efficiently and speed up the translation process. Additionally, these tools guarantee affordability and integrity. You can select the programme that best meets your requirements and those of your clients, enabling you to deliver precise legal translation services in Dubai. You can go through Cost to Attest a Document in Dubai to know about the translation coasts in Dubai.


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