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98 Top Tech Blogs The Ultimate Guide for Us -On News

These 98 top tech blogs give compendiums all the up- to- date news on technology products.

22 of the top tech blogs about slice- edge tech advances


Wired is one of the most popular tech blogs in the assiduity. It features papers on all aspects of technology and how it shapes our lives. touching on politics transport. security. and culture. The tone is light and snarky.

MIT Technology Review


MIT Technology Review should be one of the first you click through to If you ’re looking for a tech blog. TechCrunch TechCrunch has the rearmost news on widgets and jiggers.



Gizmodo is the go- to blog for tech, wisdom and culture.  focuses on participating tech content with occasional humor — and always with blunt honesty. With a history dating back to 2002.  is a long- established and well- admired news source.



ReadWrite was innovated by New Zealander Richard MacManus in 2003 is a place to find the newest information about connected buses  smart homes, AR/ VR fintech and APIs.

Fast Company


Fast Company focuses on inventions in technology. leadership and world- changing design, emphasizing their impact on business. Launched in November 1992, Fast Company is still a leading point for business leaders, and a subscription to the newsletter provides a diurnal cure of all the important Latest tech news

The Verge


innovated in 2011, The Verge explores how technology shapes our lives and futures. Treating tech as central to the lives of everyone, The Verge produces content for the mainstream followership, cutting through the slang to make the news accessible to all.



The point attracts 45 million unique yearly druggies and 28 million social media followers.



It caters primarily to IT professionals and decision makers who calculate on accurate, up- to- date information to make sound business choices.



Recode is a technology news website that focuses on uncovering how our digital world is changing. launched in January 2014. and it offers a wealth of information from independent intelligencers.

Ars Technica


Ars Technica( which translates as Art of Technology. if you were wondering). is a tech point for IT professionals and “ nascence geeks, ” as their author. Ken Fisher calls his compendiums



Engadget works in the space where technology and entertainment match furnishing news and reviews for TV. widgets and gaming.



Do n’t want to subscribe to a dozen newsletters or spend hours sifting through multiple spots for the information you need? Redef may be the answer. The curated point brings together tech and media news from numerous sources, collecting it into a single feed for a accessible way to stay informed.

Android Authority


Looking for a tech blog that focuses solely on android technology the world’s most extensively used operating system?




CNET reports on the rearmost consumer technology improvements and highlights how tech interacts with our diurnal lives. With focuses on tech. culture, plutocrat heartiness. buses. home and deals CNET is full of papers — you ’re bound to find commodity that fits your reading needs.



innovated in 2006, VentureBeat is a leading news source for tech inventions. It aims to give the deep position of understanding needed by professionals similar as inventors and business leaders. The point hosts content for 6 million yearly unique callers counting for 12 million yearly runner views.

Hacker Noon


Hacker Noon is an independent tech blog that claims to be “ how hackers start their afterlife. ” The point’s USP is an honest, independent approach to tech news and opinions. with benefactions from over.000 pens for their 2 million- plus yearly compendiums .

For all the rearmost on consumer electronics and mobile technology, check out BGR( Boy Genius Report). Launched in 2005, BGR is a hot spot for early adopters and technophiles, thanks to its exclusive content on breaking news in the mobile sector. BGR is a one- stop shop for your technology news needs with a clean, terse blog setup.



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