Best Ways to Solve Alexa Routines Not Working

Alexa Routines are the super smart way for home automation.
However, at times you find some disruptions in the working of Alexa Routines.

When you rely entirely on Alexa Routines, any interruptions can be frustrating.

Keep reading the article until the end if you want a piece of in-depth information about Alexa Routines Not Working.

Solutions to fix Alexa Routines Not Working:

Try the following methods and get resolve the Alexa Routines Not Working issue:

Testing the Routine:

The first step for troubleshooting the Alexa Routines is to test them within the Alexa App.

Testing the routines helps to understand the root of the problem.
The problem may lie with the triggers or the actions.

Follow the steps to test a routine:

  • In the Alexa app, select the More option in the menu.
  • Select Routines, under the More tab.
  • Tap the icon next to the routine to play the Routines.

If you see the routine playing in the app but not in actual life, the triggers may be at fault.

Otherwise, the reason for Alexa Routines Not Working is the incorrect setup of actions.

Confirm the Routine is Enabled:

Check the current status of the Alexa routine. Perhaps you accidentally toggled it off.

Amazon Alexa app has a feature to turn off the routine without any need to delete it.

Check the status with the following steps:

  • Select Routines, under the More tab in the Alexa app.
  • Pick the routine that is not working.
  • Check the toggle button at the top.
  • If it is not enabled, toggle it to on position.

Ensure that Alexa is Not Mute:

An Alexa routine can not override if the Echo device is in a mute state.

You can check the light indicator on Alexa. If it is red, it means the gadget is in a mute state.

Unmute Alexa and try again.

Double Check the Spelling:

A simple spelling mistake or a space between the words can impose a halt on Alexa.

Check the spelling for any complicated or unusual words. If you find any such errors, remove them.

You can also try rephrasing the routine triggers or actions. Try to make them simple and precise.

Check the Internet and its connection with Alexa:

Alexa routines can not work offline.

Some of the Alexa Features are available to use offline. However, Alexa routines need a working internet connection. Read here the part of Echo Dot Offline problem.

Therefore, make sure a stable and working internet connection is available.

Delete the Routine and Re-add:

Deleting the routine and then adding it again can help Alexa to respond.

It is like the power cycling of the device.

Now here, delete a routine, in your Alexa app:

  • Select the routine under the more tab.
  • With a click on the three dots menu, select the delete.
  • Thus, these steps will remove that routine.
  • Create the routine again as you commonly do.

You can also copy the actions to the new routine before deleting them.
But creating it again is better than copying.

If You Have Multiple Echo Assistants:

If you have only one Echo device, it can carry out the routine without a problem. But while working with multiple devices, connect all the Echo gadgets with a specific Alexa routine.

A particular routine will work only on the gadget connected to the it.

Different Echo devices will work only for the routines that they are connected.

Ensure the Correct Name for Alexa In the Alexa Routine:

Sometimes, an incorrect name for the digital device in the Alexa routine may prevent it from working correctly.

Using the customized option while setting the routine may cause this problem.

For instance, you may have given the command to turn off the lights in the kitchen. Instead of using direct instruction, place the name of the apt assistant in it.

Replace the wording with “Alexa, turn off the lights in the kitchen.”

Reboot Your Virtual Assistant:

Rebooting is a simple action involving turning the personal assistant off and on again.

If it does not prove beneficial, there is nothing to lose in the process.

But it may prove helpful to fix the issue of Alexa routines not working.

  • Disconnect the device from the power outlet.
  • Wait for some seconds.
  • Plug it back into the power outlet.
  • Allow it to reboot itself.

After the reboot, see if the Alexa routines are working.

To Sum Up:

One of the fixes discussed in the article will definitely solve the problem of Alexa Routines Not working. However, if all this fails, contact the experts without performing any more experiments,

The experienced professionals will go miles ahead to resolve the issue.

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