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What Is An Exemplification Essay And What Does It Mean?

When attempting to compose an exemplification essay, nothing is difficult. Exemplification-focused argumentative essays are a simpler and more appropriate technique to support a specific viewpoint.


What Is an Essay of Exemplification?

To start with, let’s define what an exemplification essay is. An exemplification essay is, by definition, a type of analytical or argumentative essay that uses examples to support the thesis statement. Use quotes, figures, examples, and most important facts as supporting evidence while writing analytical or argumentative essays. But when writing an exemplification essay, the author must only use instances. Let’s now examine the exemplification essay writing process that is also used by many best essay writing service in USA.


Essay-Exemplification Outline Format

Essays created for exemplification papers adhere to the conventional essay format, which includes an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The typical format is show below so that you can use it as a model while writing your exemplification essay.

1. Introduction


Thesis Statement

2. Body

Point 1

First example

Second example

Point 2

First example

Point 3

First example

Second example

Third example

3. Conclusion

Summarize each point’s findings

Concluding Statement‍


Referencing For Your Exemplification Essay

Every argument must be back with a convincing exemplification essay example, as the reader will not believe anything significant that is mention without citation.

Make sure to properly credit each reference used in the exemplification essay. If in-text citations are used, they must be also correctly reference. The best approach to avoid plagiarism is to do this.

Use transitional phrases and vocabulary. The essay must flow naturally and be fascinating to read. If you want to create logical and seamless transitions between sections, think about using words like “furthermore” and “for instance.”

Verify the data and information provided. Make sure not to assume that every fact is true while citing several sources. Make sure you only use reliable sources and that you always go the extra mile to confirm the information (John S., 2022).

Writing Your Exemplification Essay’s Thesis

Strong thesis statements serve as the foundation for your entire nursing research paper topics, so it is important to make sure they are support by evidence. If an unexpected tendency found in the research’s body, the thesis statement might be change to reflect it, especially when creating the exemplification essay outline.


Essay Body for an Exemplification

Plan out the exact details that will help to support your thesis statement and arrange them according to priority to start. It advise to start with the weakest statements or points and end with the strongest ones while building the body of the document. Remember that every assertion—no matter how compelling—must be support by convincing evidence and an example.

A particular exemplification essay may use examples from a variety of classifications.

These consist of:

  • Brief
  • Comprehensive
  • Personal
  • Hypothetical

Combining any of these is encouraged to bolster arguments, although the author may also use succinct examples to further a point. Find as many instances as you can, and then decide which ones to keep as the major points of support.

Include examples that are pertinent and captivating. The reader will be discouraged from reading the work if the study is uninteresting or predictable, so a writer should never offer boring facts. Last but not least, keep the article’s body in a logical or chronological arrangement.


Exemplification Essay Conclusion

The exemplification essay’s examples need to be both intriguing and pertinent. Make sure the ending satisfies the reader to give the work a sense of completion. If the essay’s conclusion is unsatisfying, it won’t get a good score.


Tips for Writing Exemplification Essays

  1. Each argument is support by specific examples. This is crucial because anything spoken without support from examples or references will not take as just commentary.
  2. Cite all references properly. It is essential to correctly mention any citations you include in your article. Otherwise, you risk being charged with plagiarism and receiving a poor mark.
  3. Use commas and sentences to transition. Introduce transitional words like “for example” and “furthermore” between sentences and sections to create a work that flows naturally and is engaging to read.
  4. Verify the data and information provided. Do not assume that all information is true when citing diverse sources. Use only reliable sources, and always verify your information.
  5. Is the thesis well support? Check if this assertion is fully support because it forms the basis of the entire study. If you see an unexpected trend in the study after you’ve finished writing, you can modify your thesis statement to reflect it.
  6. Be sure to utilize compelling examples. Try to offer pertinent yet fascinating examples since the article is primarily examples-based. The viewers won’t be as pleased if the content is solely make up of formulaic instances.
  7. Always be willing to learn new things and consider fresh views. You can brainstorm just by sitting alone and giving your ideas some thought, or you can discuss your thoughts with those around you and solicit their feedback. Before writing essays, brainstorming makes it easier to separate important information from irrelevant details (MEW, 2020).
  8. Does the essay feel finished? Any research paper containing findings and a conclusion ought to leave the reader feeling satisfie. Such an essay will not receive a high mark if any findings do not logically support the argument or if the thesis statement is not sufficiently conclusive.

Exemplification Essay Examples

Do you remain stuck? For extra inspiration, look at our exemplification essay samples.


Exemplification Essay

A man becomes what he considers himself to be, according to the great Mahatma Gandhi. The likelihood that a claim that a task is difficult to complete will come true is extremely high. However, if that same person thinks the task is simple and within their capabilities, they will eventually develop the ability to complete it, despite their initial pessimism. Mahatma Gandhi emphasized the connection between good thought and optimism and a longer, happier life. The Latin word “Optimus,” which means “best,” is whence optimism gets its name.


Online Education Vs. Traditional Educational

The advantages of online learning cannot be overstated. Online education is being employ extensively in American higher education institutions. It is define as the sort of instruction that is offer to students via the internet on their home computers (Means et al. 6). The usefulness of this type of teaching on many educational metrics, such as academic performance, student participation, and post-graduation success, appears to be disputed by certain academics and learning institutions, nevertheless. The effects of online education on the aforementioned factors have been the focus of research, but for a variety of fields and topics.


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