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7 Interior Design Aesthetics You Can Try For Your Home

Have you recently moved to an old design house or have been living in one? Do you ever feel like it’s dated and doesn’t fit contemporary life anymore? That feeling is completely normal.

With the rise of the internet and social media, we can easily see beautifully built houses and tastefully designed rooms and home accessories from friends and strangers alike. And so, the importance of aesthetics in a home has been noticeably more evident today.

From furniture and paints to flooring tiles, every aspect of a home contributes to its overall look and mood. Therefore, it’s only to perfect each element of your house and make it look like a space you would be comfortable and happy with.

However, no matter how much you want for your house, construction can be expensive. The materials that you’ll need and the people you need to hire can add to the already costly way of living today, but you can greatly cut costs by keeping some elements such as your flooring tiles.

Some tile designs, for some, can also look dated and far from trendy. However, if you’re aware of the foundations of art and styles, you can easily find how to make them work and become complimenting features of your home.

If you want to elevate and give your home a little touch-up, here are some interior design trends to guide you on what colors, furniture, and decor pieces can go with your flooring tiles:


Minimalism is one the most popular trends today not only as an interior design style but as a way of living. In principle, minimalism means using less and focusing on utility. With minimalism, style and function go hand in hand well.

If you’re working on tiles that are in muted or neutral colors such as white, gray, or beige, minimalism can be your best bet. Not only is it easy to style since it focuses on a monochromatic color palette, but it also promotes sustainability as it doesn’t put much premium on what is on-trend.

Minimalism gives emphasis on pieces that can be useful but can also serve as decor pieces at the same time. By opting for a minimalist style, you will end up with more money saved in the long run.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is a style inspired by colors and furniture items from the 1950s to 1960s. You can go creative with bright colors in this style while utilizing clean and polished aesthetics with it.

If you also have lightly colored tiles, you can bring in rich and saturated colors like mustard, maroon, turquoise, khaki, and green through your couch, rug, throw pillows, or any other accent pieces.

You can also bring in furniture that is more naturally designed with soft edges and simple textures.


The industrial aesthetic is centered on rustic and urban vibes that are inspired by warehouses and factories. It can also look like a combination of nature and machinery as it uses materials such as wood, cement, and metals.

In designing interiors in the industrial style, finishings can look undone or untouched to amplify the authenticity of the vibe. It’s also considered a masculine-looking style since darker hues are mainly used with it.

The industrial trend works well with wood-inspired or solid-colored tiles.


Coastal interior design is more of a themed style as emanates the vibe and atmosphere of being in a modern resort or a beach house. It’s supposed to feel airy and bright to mimic the summer feel. 

The colors in coastal designs emanate the sea and ocean with blue, white, and brown tones. Amping it up by adding greens through both potted and hanging plants also contribute to the nature-orientedness of the look.

In going for the coastal look at home, tiles in natural colors (white, brown, and gray) are great matches.

Modern Farmhouse

A modern farmhouse-style house is the best fit for families for its warm and simple touches that exude balance and tranquility. Modern farmhouses take inspiration from cabins and provincial elements. And while these elements are rather traditional, more modern touches are mixed with them such as minimalist and industrial-themed interior pieces.

These pieces can be a combination of raw wood, mixes of metal, leather, and the colors revolve around browns, whites, and greens.  And since modern farmhouses are supposed to feel homey and welcoming, tiles with lighter colors are encouraged to style with.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is an homage to the 18th-century style where grandiosity and abundance were essentially expressed. It also is a nod to French and vintage styles with richly designed and shaped decors and big furniture.

The colors used in shabby chic are classic and timeless colors linked to femininity and royalty such as white and beige, as well as muted and neutral tones. Materials, on the other hand, are focused on wood, different textiles, and metals such as gold and copper.


Bohemian is a style that can be considered bold and pronounced yet it ages well with time. The bohemian aesthetic is attributed to the boho movement from the ’60s to the ’70s. It remains a popular trend today even in fashion.

Bohemian style is marked by combining patterns and colors that radiate moodiness and a carefree vibe. Many people call this intentionally messy. It is also considered a free-spirited and artistic style as the styling is almost impossible to replicate.

You can follow this trend using the colors red, purple, and brown while mixing different patterns, textures, and materials. And so, you can pretty much use almost any tile for this as long as you can style them well.

The key to making your space look curated instead of a hot mess is to stick with a color set or palette that you can use all over your space. Also, avoid overaccessorizing to prevent your space from looking cramped.

Key Takeaway

Elevating a house to make it look trendy or a place that matches your personality is a good practice. This is to increase happiness and satisfaction in your home. And although it’s an exciting and interesting thing to do, it’s not exactly the most affordable.

Tiles are meant to be used for long-term purposes. In fact, high-quality and well-installed tiles can last for decades. And so, repurposing them through playing with different styles does not only save you on costs. It also allows you to test your creativity.

The trends mentioned here are some of the most valuable today that can serve as guides for you on styling. However, you also have to take note that at the end of the day, no style can dictate what makes you feel best in your home.

You need to identify your needs, goals, and kind of lifestyle first. Also, see whichever works best for you and your family. Ideally, your experiences are what make a place your home.

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