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 A Comprehensive Guide to Websites for Buying Wedding Canvas Prints 

Canvas prints are indeed a great way of transforming pictures you include in the works of art to our house. However, wedding canvas prints anyway hold great importance as they celebrate the most special day of any individual’s life. In most cases, you might have selected the pictures you want to include, be it the picture while taking pheras or the one where your other half is feeding you.  

 And in the current scenario, canvas print has become quite affordable and popular as well. It is very easy to manage and holds the capacity to beautify your space. Whether you are buying it for yourself or gifting it to a loved one, canvas prints are a versatile option. The best thing is the fabric finish of the canvas prints, making them appear extremely beautiful. It not only gives a professional look to your picture but also induces life into them if you are wondering how to deal with a canvas print.  

Best Canvas Print Services 

Let us familiarize ourselves with the best canvas print services. However, there are a lot of them; you can choose the one that suits you the best.  


CanvasPop is one of the leading brands in the canvas printing business. It is known for offering an easy-to-use uploader, high-quality prints, along with a fast turnaround. You can choose between uploading a picture from the computer or any random picture celebrating happy times. However, people do not prefer it because of its delayed delivery.  


Mixbook offers a diversity of shapes and sizes of canvas prints. However, it goes beyond the budget but offers high-quality pictures. But, it offers good discounts. The biggest disadvantage of Mixbook is that people have to wait for a long for the appropriate discounts. And no one can have a constant eye and keep waiting for the discounts.  

Great Big Canvas 

Great Big Canvas specializes in creating beautiful ready-made canvas prints comprising everything ranging from sunsets to architecture. They use UVB protection to canvas print against fading.  It might be a little heavy on your budget.  

Easy Canvas Prints 

It is one of the pocket-friendly canvas services. But as you are getting a low-budget product, you would have to compromise with the quality of the canvas print. So, if you can compromise on the quality of printed pictures, then you can opt for easy canvas prints.  

Nevertheless, it offers editing but with an additional charge. So, if you plan to order from easy canvas print, please do not forget to get the enhancement done, or else the pictures will not look good. 

 Social Print Studio 

 Social Print Studio has been in the industry for almost a decade. It is known for offering good quality prints to its clients. But the reason why people avoid opting for this brand is that it has very limited options when it comes to the sizes of canvas prints.  


Shutterfly is one of the leading canvas print providing services. The Shutterfly alternative can be considered if you want to mix and match your styles and induce life to them.  


It is known for offering a wide range of styles and sizes of prints. You can get almost everything at Walmart, but the only drawback is the quality is not up to the mark. However, it offers a great discount; you just have to keep an eye on it.  


One of the leading and most preferred custom canvas prints service providers is none other than Picsy. There are a plethora of reasons to fall in love with Picsy. A few are simple and user-friendly user interfaces, wallet-friendly, free of cost download, in-built gallery, etc.  

Picsy offers a user-friendly interface, wherein the users can easily move through the application and choose the desired canvas print. Not only this, it is budget-friendly and does not get heavy on the pocket. In addition to all this, the application is absolutely free of cost to download, which is one of the big turn on for the clients. And while talking about Picsy, we cannot forget to mention the in-built gallery. It also has a great variety of themes, available in various sizes for different walls of the house, top-notch images, and canvas quality. So, if we compare the other applications with picsy, then surely Picsy wins the bet. 

Tips for Choosing the Canvas Print 

Let us dive into the tips to keep in mind while choosing a canvas print.  

Image Quality 

Image quality is one of the important factors to keep in mind while dealing with canvas prints. If the image is up to the mark, then it beautifies the art piece. Especially the larger scale images require higher resolution to avoid any haziness or blurriness over the print. Because if the picture is pixilated, it will take away the charm of the pictures, which of course, we would not want.  

Canvas Quality 

No matter which canvas print you have put your hand on, matte or gloss, its quality should be up to the mark. If the canvas quality is up to the mark, it will accentuate the beauty of the art piece.  

Do Not Forget the Final Finishing 

After getting a mesmerizing printed canvas, the final task is to give the final touches to the art piece. For example, if the folds are visible in print, they should be covered.  

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Closing Words on A Guide From Where to Buy Wedding Canvas Prints 

Wedding canvas prints surely hold great importance in our lives. They are the memento of the most beautiful day of your life. So, they surely are supposed to be up to the mark. That is why we have familiarized you with the various websites from where you can get the best custom canvas prints.  

We hope that this informational piece of write-up might have been of great help to you in choosing the appropriate company for the best canvas prints. So, without any delay, start shortlisting the pictures that you wish to transform into a canvas print.  

Chirag Parikh

Chirag Parikh is an experienced sales professional who loves to draft creative sales strategies. When Chirag is off work, you will find him traveling and exploring adventurous places

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