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A Night Under The Stars in Jaisalmer – Camping in the Thar Desert


Our spirits were not dampened by the heat. This group of folks had previously met the night before in another guest house, and I was the newcomer. As we drove out of Jaisalmer city, we began speaking, and our Jaisalmer jeep safari to the Thar Desert National Park had begun.


What is the location of the Thar Desert? And Why Should You Go?


The Thar Desert is the world’s 18th largest desert and India’s largest. It stretches across five Indian states from north to west, with the majority of the land in Rajasthan, home to the Thar Desert National Park in Jaisalmer. Apart from establishing a natural border with Pakistan, the Thar desert is one of Jaisalmer’s most popular tourist destinations. Camel safaris and Thar desert camps are two of Jaisalmer’s most popular tourist attractions. Continue reading to learn more.


It was a thrilling journey, and the scenery changed dramatically as we approached the desert. It was suddenly hotter, the vegetation was sparse, and on either side of the road was a large length of land characterized by just two shades of brown – dark and light – and some green.


We came to a halt to snap some photos. This was my first visit to a desert, and I was unfamiliar with a barren terrain.


  • Jaisalmer Desert Safari


I sat on Kali, and she was in charge of the safari. We was initially terrified, and the abrupt ups and downs were unsettling. I gradually get accustomed to it. The vast Thar desert lay ahead of us, stretching far and wide. The natural patterns created by the wind on the dunes were stunning. Kali walked with grace and ease, rhythmically lifting her legs off the sand.


Our escorts led us to the ideal position to see the sunset as the sun began to drop. The fresh breeze made me feel at ease as the temperature dropped. The sky’s colors shifted – bright yellow became mellow, and soft red hues formed on the horizon. The towering dunes appeared to be near the sun. From afar, it appeared like the sun was setting and would soon vanish into the dunes!


Speaking of dunes, we’d arrived at Sam dunes, an ideal spot for watching the sunset. Our camels passed through the Sam dunes, which are the largest dune location in Jaisalmer, with 45 to 50m towering dunes. The majority of the desert campsites, including several luxury tents in Jaisalmer, are within a 2 to 3-kilometer radius. If you take one of the desert safari trips or book a Jaisalmer desert camp package, you’ll almost certainly spend the night near the dunes, which is a fantastic experience. The camel safari was a lot of fun. I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever witnessed, my first in the desert. The hues added a slew of colors to this scene at once, as if to compensate for the desert’s lack of color.


  • Thar Desert Camping


As the night fell, I was surrounded by a barren plain and a galaxy of stars above me, and I had a sense of nothingness and emptiness. The desert elicits similar feelings, and as the night sky fills with hundreds of stars, you can’t help but feel like a speck of dust in this vast expanse known as the universe.


With the arrival of the night came the bitter cold, and we hurriedly gathered around the fire. In no time, the temperature drops to the point where you’re so warm in the bonfire area that even a step beyond appears like you’ve entered a freezer.


The Russian pair began singing as the man began playing the guitar. Everyone started humming at the same time. Snacks were served after the hot tea, which was later replaced by drinks and food. Funny, terrifying, odd, and daring travel stories unfolded. Before drifting away, we ran barefoot across the sand, calling out names in the dark and making hilarious noises that reverberated so nicely.


We all decided to stay away from any tents. You wanted to see what it was like to sleep literally under the stars, with no roof above us and no warm bed under us.

We retreated after monkeying around till we were fatigued and it was way past late. I snuck into my sleeping bag and slept with three layers on top of me. The feeling of lying down and gazing at the galaxy of stars was magnificent. The canvas of stars will stay with me for a long time, adding to my fantastic Rajasthan experiences.


Jaisalmer Desert Safari Tips: Thar Desert Camping


Camping in the Thar desert is a must-do in Jaisalmer, and many small and large travel organizations provide this overnight or day vacation daily. The prices are almost the same, although it is recommended that you haggle hard. Depending on what you want, it shouldn’t cost you more than 1400 to 1500 INR.

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