A Solar Panel Generator and 5 Other Off-the-Grid Survival Essentials

It’s wise to stay prepared for anything. Disasters can strike at any time, and you need to be ready to keep your family safe. In a survival situation, you don’t want to rely on someone else for your basic needs. You should keep a few emergency essentials on hand, including a solar panel generator.

If the power grid fails, it’ll be too late to buy the survival gear you need to protect your family. That’s why you need to stock up now. The world is a volatile place, and you can’t afford to wait until the last minute.

Take the time to collect the essential equipment your family will need to survive off the grid. You can get everything you need to protect your loved ones with a few smart choices. Start your supply cache with this list of essentials to go along with your solar panel generator.

Benefits of a Solar Panel Generator

You can’t rely on public infrastructure or utilities when things take a turn for the worse. That includes the power grid. In some scenarios, the power grid could even be the first thing to go. You need to be able to power your important appliances and medical devices.

A solar panel generator is the perfect way to keep your family safe and comfortable. You can get the electricity you need thanks to the solar panels. Plus, a solar panel generator never requires fuel. It emits no odors or fumes. Plus, it’s silent, which is key to remaining discreet.

Consider a mini generator for the same benefits in a smaller, more portable package. It’s a good idea to keep a solar powered mini generator in your RV or vehicle. That way, you have the power you need wherever disaster may strike.

Solar Powered Flashlights

When the grid goes down, you need more than just power. You need light in order to move around safely. That’s why a solar powered flashlight is 1 survival tool you can’t do without. It’s best to have 1 flashlight per family member, and maybe even a backup, just in case.

Maximize your value by getting a solar powered flashlight that’s more than a light source. The best solar flashlights on the market offer multi-tool functionality.

A flashlight takes up valuable space in your go-bag or vehicle. Choose a versatile flashlight that’s worth the investment. Find a solar powered flashlight that features useful tools. You might want a magnet, compass, and glass breaker. Solar powered flashlights also allow you to reserve your mini generator for bigger jobs.

Water Filtration System

If you lose power, odds are other utility services won’t be far behind. That includes natural gas and, of course, water. You can go a little while without showering. But clean drinking water is essential to your family’s survival.

You need a water filtration system that can handle a significant volume of water. The last thing you need is a cheap product that won’t perform when you need it most.

Many water filtration devices use electricity, but they aren’t a good choice for your off-the-grid preparation. Instead, get a water filtration system that uses gravity. This way, you won’t be dependent on an electrical outlet.

Survival Food Kits

When the electricity goes out, things can get dicey. If power and other utility services are down for a long time, you may not be able to go to the grocery store and feed your family. It’s better to have a cache of survival food that you can depend on when things get tough.

Make sure your family has enough tasty survival food to get through any emergency. Stock up on survival food kits and keep them in a discreet yet accessible place in your home. That way, you can prevent intrusion while also making sure they’re ready when you need them.

The best type of survival food available lasts up to 25 years under proper storage conditions. Plus, it’s easy to prepare. Food is critical to your family’s survival. Make sure you invest in the best products available.

Pick Up Portable Solar Powered Chargers

When it comes to keeping your family safe in a crisis, communication is vital. You need to be able to stay in contact with your loved ones at all times. But what happens when the power goes out? How will you keep your smartphones and other important USB devices charged?

A portable, solar powered phone charger is a survival must-have. A phone with a dead battery is just an expensive paperweight. You can’t call 911 if your phone is out of juice.

Get a solar powered phone charger. It will keep everyone’s smartphones charged using energy from the sun. That way, you can stay in touch with your family members or call first responders if needed.

Emergency Solar Radio

It pays to invest in multiple survival devices for your survival communication systems. Typically, you can get all the emergency information you need from a smartphone. Authorities also broadcast bulletins across TV and AM/FM stations. But if the situation gets dire, you may be unable to count on the traditional media channels.

An emergency solar radio is a smart choice. This type of radio charges using energy from the sun. You never need to worry about batteries or finding an electrical outlet. It’s a reliable, portable way to receive the latest information. With up-to-date news, you can make informed decisions to keep your family safe.

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