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A successful boxer and Doctor, Akash Sharma is an inspiration for many!

A successful boxer and Doctor, Akash Sharma is an inspiration for many!

Akash Sharma is a boxer and a doctor by profession and he is surely an inspiration for anyone who thinks multi-tasking is not everyone’s cup of tea! Dr. Akash Sharma has been practicing medicine for years and alongside he is also a model and a boxer who has learned to never give up in life – come what may. His story is inspiring for many who believe it is tough to make it big if you come from a middle-class background. Akash Sharma’s journey inspires us to believe that it is all about your aim and what you do to chase it.

Akash Sharma starts his day with a training and workout session as early as 4am and then he also takes care of his IVF hospital from 8:30am to 8:00pm. Before going to bed, he again trains himself for 1 hour from 9pm to 10 pm. His lifestyle is a result of his determination and that is also one reason why he is a successful doctor as well as a professional athlete.

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Akash believes in managing time well and he thinks if it is done properly, it is not tough to achieve your goal. For some days, it might be tough but for most days, he draws an inspiration to move ahead with a disciplined and dedicated lifestyle. The reason for his utmost dedication is his focus on his goals which never fails him. He believes there is a lot more to learn in life.

Akash had gained a lot of weight when he had to quit boxing for some time due to an injury but he made sure he bounced back with a completely transformed body. Since he had a contract with a promotion company to transform himself physically, he knew he had only 3 months to do so. He had already lost all his muscles and gained 24% body fat. He took up the challenge, lost extra kilos and completely transformed himself in just 90 days. Due to 100% dedication and discipline in his workout routine, he managed to bounce back with a better physical transformation that few can only dream of!

Akash had to quit boxing due to an injury and in the process, he ended up gaining a lot of weight. He says
he had lost all his muscles and gained almost 24% of fat which he shed off in just 90 days and he was
back with a maintained shape that his promotion company had demanded from him. It was not easy for
someone like Dr. Akash Sharma who was already working as a doctor in his hospital and had to devote
all day to his work. Still, he used to train himself in the morning hours and during the night.

Akash values his work commitments like none other and he has always been particular about his
workout sessions as he follows them strictly even amidst tougher deadlines. It was not easy but he
achieved his goal through proper time management and discipline. He aspires to become an actor now.

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