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Adventurous Trekking You can enjoy on Your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Adventurous Trekking in Jaipur

No wonder we all miss this exciting adventure in the summer. Here are listed some adventurous trekking you can enjoy on your Jaipur sightseeing tour.

Summer trips now feel like nostalgia after two years of not being able to go to them. We know that it is unpredictable when and how we can travel again as usual, but what if we tell you that you can experience the same journey without leaving Jaipur. Well, have you ever explored the beautiful sights of Jaipur? You can find so many places to visit in Jaipur like forts, palaces, etc. But here listed some adventurous trekking you can enjoy on your Jaipur trip.

If not, what are you waiting for?

Adventurous on Your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Trekking is a completely different experience; it is like a beautiful adventure with beautiful mountain scenery full of strong will and discipline. It pushes you from the inside out to reach higher peaks and makes you feel happy and successful. This is a wonderful form of travel that feels very healing at the same time and the best part is that for the walk you don’t have to leave Jaipur at all because if we tell you that this city is endowed with amazing tourists, what happens in the foothills of the Arawali hills. You don’t need any special training to go on this trip, just a few good sneakers, a big bottle of water and snacks are good to go. Exciting, isn’t it?

3 Best Adventurous Trekking in Jaipur

So please take a look at these 5 tours of Jaipur that you can explore after closing

Hathni Kund

Hatni Kund, also known as the Water Valley Tour, is one of the most popular hiking trails in Jaipur. Located on Nahargarh Road, the starting point of this tourist is Charan Mandir, located near Nahargarh Fortress. It was a very unusual and unfamiliar place a few years ago, but has gained popularity in recent years and now you can find a good crowd there, especially on the weekends or during the monsoon season.

This is a very easy and smooth adventure for beginners, so you probably don’t have to do much travel. It ends at an amazing waterfall hidden in a mountain valley. This waterfall looks even more beautiful in the monsoon season. This is a great way to spend your Sunday morning, especially if you’re new.

Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Trek

Located near Nahargarh Biological Park, it is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Jaipur. Our elders told us that this place was once a popular destination for all wildlife in the middle of the forest, but now it is a very safe place for your weekend mornings. It’s longer than Hunt Kund, but it’s worth the time and effort, because the scenery in the end is incredibly amazing.

There are two ways to complete this trip with a popular spot with Nahargarh Biological Park. This route is very easy and smooth for beginners. The other route starts from Lake Sagar, which is more suitable for those looking for more adventure, as the route is a little harder and steeper.

Chulgiri Trek

Chulgiri Trek is located near the Chulgiri Temple, a popular and sacred tourist destination in Jaipur. It is one of the most touristy and steepest on this list because the mountains are very rocky and it is a little difficult to get there. The journey begins at the foot of Mount Chulgiri.

These hills are home to many tigers, as the temple is located on the border of the Jalanga forest, so a walk to the jungle area is not recommended, you have to choose the stairs of this walk. The stairs take you to Jane’s temple and the whole walk works as a good cardio exercise. The view of the whole forest of Jalalabad from above is definitely amazing and can amaze everyone with its beauty.


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