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Age and Stage Appropriate Online Toys in Pakistan

Aside from being safe (see Safety and children’s toys below), good toys for young children must correspond to their developmental phases and emerging talents. Many safe and appropriate play materials are free household items. Children of various ages can use cardboard boxes, plastic bowls and lids, collections of plastic bottle caps, and other “treasures” in multiple ways. Keep in mind as you read the lists of suggested toys for children of various ages that each child develops at their speed. As long as they are risk-free, the activities and Online Toys in Pakistan on a particular list can be appropriate for children of ages both earlier and later than those specified.

Toys for infants from birth to 6 months

Babies are fascinated by people and like to follow their movements with their gaze. They typically prefer faces and vivid colors. Babies can reach, are captivated by what their hands and feet can do, can lift their heads, tilt their heads toward sounds, can place items in their mouths, and so much more.

Toys suitable for young newborns include

  • Rattles, massive rings, squeeze toys, teething toys, soft dolls, textured balls, and vinyl and board books are all things they can reach for, grip, suck on, shake, and create noise with.
  • Books including children’s poetry and nursery rhymes, as well as audio recordings of lullabies and other easy music.
  • Things to look at include hung images of babies’ faces and unbreakable mirrors.
    Toys for 7 to 12-month-old infants

Typically, older babies proceed from rolling over and sitting to scooting, bouncing, creeping, pushing themselves up, and standing. They can recognize body parts, find concealed objects, and put things in and out of containers because they grasp their names and other common words.

Toys suitable for older infants include

  • Pretend play items include baby dolls, puppets, plastic and wood vehicles with wheels, and water toys.
  • Items like as plastic bowls, enormous beads, balls, and nested Online Toys in Pakistan need to be removed and dropped.
  • Things to construct using giant soft bricks and wooden cubes
  • Enormous balls, push and pull toys, and low, faint objects to crawl over to work their large muscles

1st birthday toys

One-year-olds are always on the move! They are typically capable of walking smoothly and can even up stairs. They have an appreciation for literature, have pronounced their first words, and are able to play alongside other children (but not with them!). So they enjoy experimenting but require parents to keep them safe.

Toys for one-year-olds include

  • Simple graphics or pictures of natural objects in board books
  • Songs, rhymes, short stories, and illustrations on tape
  • Things to make with nontoxic, washable markers, crayons, and large sheets of paper
  • Toy phones, dolls and doll beds, baby carriages and strollers, dress-up accessories (scarves, handbags), puppets, stuffed toys, plastic animals, and plastic and wood “realistic” automobiles are all things to pretend with.
  • Things to make out of cardboard and wood blocks (can be smaller than those used by infants 2 to 4 inches)
    Puzzles, huge pegboards, toys with moving parts (dials, switches, knobs, lids), and large and small balls are all good for exercising their large and small muscles.

Toys for children aged two years

Toddlers are learning a language quickly and have a feeling of danger. Despite this, they engage in a lot of physical “testing,” including jumping from great heights, climbing, hanging by their arms, rolling, and rough-and-tumble play. They have great hand and finger control and enjoy working with little objects.

Toys for 2-year-olds include

Things for problem-solving include wood puzzles (with 4 to 12 pieces), snap-together blocks. But objects to sort (by size, shape, color, and smell), and items with hooks, buttons, buckles, and snaps.

Smaller (and more durable) transportation Online Shopping Toys for Boys and Girls and construction sets, child-sized furniture (kitchen sets, chairs, play food), dress-up costumes, dolls with accessories, puppets, and sand and water play toys.

Things to do with nontoxic, washable crayons and markers, large paintbrushes and fingerprint. So large drawing and painting paper, colored construction paper, toddler-sized. But scissors with blunt points, a chalkboard, giant chalk, and rhythm instruments.

More detailed picture books than ones for younger children

Of course, CD and DVD players with a wide range of music are available, as are phonograph players and cassette recorders.

Large and small balls for kicking and throwing, ride-on equipment (although certainly not tricycles. Because until children are three), tunnels, low climbers with soft material. So underneath, and pounding and hammering toys

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