Air Bar Box Vape vs. Puff Bar – Which is Better & Why?

With so many disposable vapes hitting the market, it is quite difficult to choose one. So, in this article, we are going to talk about two popular disposable vapes-  Air Bar Disposable Vape and the Puff Bar, which are quite unbeatable in the disposable vape category.

Plus, we’ll also tell you which one of these two vapes is better, and why.

 Air Bar Box Vape

Let’s first talk about the Air Bar Box Vape.

Air Bar Box vapes are one of the most popular disposable vapes you can find on the market. From various flavors to choose from, an impressive battery, and a number of puffs- this incredible disposable vape has it all. Plus, its draw-activation firing mechanism makes it an easy-to-use vaping device.

Let’s take a look at all the features of the Air Bar Box Vape 

  •     No maintenance required

One of the best aspects of  Air Bar Box Vape is that this disposable pod device requires absolutely no maintenance at all. As most vapes out there require constant maintenance and repair, this  Air Bar Box Vape will be lighter on your pockets as far as maintenance is concerned. 

  •     Holds an amount of impressive e-liquid

If we talk about e-liquid, the Air Bar Box Vape features 1.8ml Salt Nic E-liquid per device. As far as Nic Salt is concerned, the Air Bar vape comes with Salt Nicotine 5% and 50MG Salt Nic for the best cigarette-style throat hit. This amount is perfect for those wanting the same nicotine hit they get from ordinary tobacco cigarettes.

Let’s also not forget that the vape devices come with pre-filled e-liquid, which means there will no longer be any messy refills. 

  •     Impressive battery

The Air Bar Box Vape features a 380mAh battery that comes pre-charged. Plus, vapers are only required to simply puff or pull on the device in order to activate it. And, this pod device also does not require any charging.

  •     Impressive number of puffs

One of the most intriguing factors of this disposable vape is that vapers can enjoy upto 500+ puffs per pod, which is approximately equivalent to 20 cigarettes! And, this delicious vape comes with zero keep up.

  •     Amazing flavors to choose from

If we talk about the flavor range, the Air Bar Box Vape comes in 14 different and amazing flavors! We’re talking about fun and exciting flavors like Blueberry Kiwi, Cranberry Lemonade, O.M.G ( orange mango guava), Mango, Pink Lemonade, Energy Drink, Watermelon Ice, and many more to choose from.

  •     Compact design

The Air Bar Box Vape features a sleek and compact design, allowing individuals to hold this disposable vape with a better grip, and no fear of falling. Plus, its small size means it is highly portable, and you can carry it anywhere you want with you- just slide it into your side pocket and purse, and you’re ready to take this incredible vaping device with you anywhere you want.

Puff Bar

Puff Bar is another popular vaping device in the market.

They are great for beginners or even avid vapers who want to switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes and move to a safer and healthier option.

Let’s talk about all the features of Puff Bar vapes…

  •     Nicotine Salts

The Puff Bar comes with pre-filled 1.8 mL Salt, and Nicotine Salts of upto 5%, for a smoother draw. This amount of Nicotine Salts will give a perfect Nicotine hit to all the smokers, with a lesser irritated throat. 

  •     Internal battery

If we talk about the battery of Puff Bar, this device comes pre-charged, which means you won’t have to charge it yourself to start vaping. The 350 mAH internal battery will last you longer than most vaping devices do, which means you won’t have to worry about the Puff Bar dying out on you in the middle of the day.

Plus, because this vaping device kit comes fully pre-charged, all you have to do is a simple puff in order to activate this vape. You can easily use it straight out of the box, and simply draw on the mouthpiece, and start vaping. Just take a few slow draws, and the Puff Bar has been activated. 

  •     Number of puffs

As far as the number of puffs is concerned, the Puff Bar now delivers up to 400 satisfyingly smooth puffs. This number of puffs is quite decent and will last you all day long. 

  •     No recharging, refilling, or maintenance required

Another winning aspect of the Puff Bar is that this vaping device does not require any maintenance, refilling, or recharging. So, this will save you a considerable amount of costs as far as maintenance is concerned.

  •     Numerous flavors to choose from

The Puff Bar comes with numerous fun and exciting flavors to choose from each time. Such as Sour Apple, Menthol, Mango, Lemonade, and many others.

Which one is better?

Now that we have talked in detail about these two disposable vapes, Air Bar Box Vape and Puff Bar. It is time to answer the ultimate question- which one of these two vapes is better, and why?

Well, if we talk about the integrated battery and number of puffs that each of these vaping devices has to offer, the Air Bar Box Vape definitely wins the battle.

The Air Bar Box Vape is equipped with a pre-charged 380 mAh battery and offers more than 500 puffs. This number is greater than what the Puff Bar has to offer.

So, this means the Air Bar Box Vape will last you much longer than most disposable vapes out there. In terms of battery and the number of puffs. So, with Air Bar Box Vape, all you need to do is start puffing. Without worrying about the vape dying on you soon.

Plus, the Air Bar Box Vape also offers various exciting and unique flavors that the Puff Bar doesn’t offer. This means you will get a unique thrill each time you try a new flavor with the Air Bar Box Vape!

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