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All you need to know about IDO Development

The crypto industry is continuously developing and increasing its user base every year just because of the innovation, this attracts more crypto investors into the market. And one of the major innovations is IDO also known as Initial DEX offering that takes place in the Decentralized exchange(DEX). In this article let’s dive deeper into what is IDO and also  some of their advantages

What is IDO?

Initial DEX offering development or IDO development is a fundraising model that takes place in a decentralized exchange, this opens a new way of fundraising in the crypto space. If a person launches a project in an IDO platform every person in the platform can trade or swap that token or coin. A project that issues initial DEX offerings receives financing from the individual investor. IDOs can be launched for various projects, The first ever IDO was introduced by the raven protocol in June 2019 and listed on Binance DEX

How does IDO works?

The way of IDO work is quite simple, a project appears to the general public for fundraising through the platform or the launchpad like Polkastarter, Binance DEX, or any other launchpad that offers an IDO service. Every lauchpad has its rquirement to launch a IDO, when the project meet the requirement. IDOs go public. Also, the IDO development needs a lot of technical support.

Advantages of an IDO platform

IDOs come with several benefits some of them are,

Open and fair fundraising

Fundraisers using the IDO model don’t have to rely on traditional private investments to kickstart their operations. The token sale goes public and investors buy many tokens at a lower price. They will resell these tokens to the general public gaining a considerable profit. And there is no need for CEX or permission to start fundraising, Anyone can launch an IDO.

Immediate liquidity

IDOs provide immediate liquidity. when it come to ICOs and IEOs which requires an initial waiting period for their liquidity. This is why IDO got more attention. 

Instant trading

Another benefit of IDO is that an IDO coin can be traded immediately. This way, investors can buy their tokens quickly when it is launched. Later it can be resold at a higher price, From the date of project launches, investors can start trading their token, trading also happens in an instant. But ICO and IEO need an initial waiting period

Lower costs

DEX functions on the basis of self-executing smart contracts. If a project uses DEX without an intermediary they only pay a gas fee for deploying the smart contract, this is why it is cost-efficient.

Reliable transaction

Through smart contract, DEX executes trades and records in the blockchain, for reliable transactions.

Trending IDO platforms

  • DAO Maker
  • Polkastarter
  • BSCPad
  • Red Kite
  • BullPerks

IDO platform development

Are you looking for fundraising for your business? IDO is a perfect solution for you. IDO development is a process that takes a lot of technical needs. Maticz is a pioneer IDO development company, where you can get a best IDO platform for your business. Here you can get the best IDO development service, from the experts in the blockchain.

wrapping up

Let me wrap up this article, most businesses raise funds and get profound use of the IDO. why not you? The Initial DEX offering development is the most discussed topic among the global users for its efficiency to benefit them with seamless trade and faster transactions to reap profit with less investment. This is a perfect time for you to launch an IDO.

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