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All you Need to Know Before Buying Dinner Sets | Melamine Vs Ceramic

Buying fancy and designer dinner set is a new trend that everyone follows. Today, even if you visit a basic restaurant and cafe, they use the prettiest dinnerware sets to serve their customer.

Also, people prefer attractive dinner plates in their homes because it enhances the taste of their food and their cravings. And why not? Everyone should invest in beautiful dinner sets as they are beneficial for presenting the food aesthetically. Also, it makes your family, friends, and guests admire your food with delightful compliments and praises.

So, now that you are convinced to get your dinnerware set online, you should know that melamine and ceramic dinner set are the two most frequently used dinner set materials available in the market. Most people do not know the difference between them. If you are one of them, do not worry, this article will allow you to learn every similarity and difference between the materials to make your choice easier.

Design and Appearance

If you judge based on the design and appearance, both ceramic dinner set and melamine dinner set have an alluring look. The chemicals used to make a Ceramic dinner set are more versatile, which provides an opening for its appearance to be precisely crafted. It has more variety in design, shapes, colors, and size. However, with regular innovation done in melamine dinnerware sets, the supreme quality melamine craft men have created varied designs that look almost as luxurious as ceramic dinner set price. However, it becomes costlier with quality. Both the materials have a unique appearance. Although to ensure the richness of a designer plate, the ceramic dinner set has more variety and quality.

Heat Resistance and Durability

Both the materials are durable unless you don’t throw them at walls. However, if you plan on throwing them, you should know that the ceramic dinner set will surely fall into pieces. Most probably melamine dinner set will also break, but there is a chance it won’t. The durability can also be judged by which plate will last longer. Both dinner set materials will live longer unless there is an accident with ceramic plates. Also, to talk about heat resistance, ceramic can resist the heat much better than the melamine dinner set because melamine material harms your food properties after being heated at a high temperature.

Most Affordable One

The price of both materials is different; ceramic is usually costlier than melamine. But if you buy supreme quality of both materials, they both are expensive. The affordability depends on which dinner set you select and the features of materials you want in your crockery set. If you search extensively, you can find both the ceramic and melamine dinner sets online at the lowest price.

Adaptability to Electric Appliance

Some users found the melamine dinner set negatively affected by high temperature, and some sellers say its material has a heating property that makes it adaptable to electric appliances. However, suggestible that you should not use a melamine dinner set in the microwave and oven. Ceramic dinner plates are resilient with every electric device, such as dishwashers, microwaves, etc. Melamine is also safe to use in dishwashers.

Easy to Use and Clean

Both the dinner sets are easy to use and clean, and both are adaptable with a dishwasher, or you can wash them with your hands. However, while cleaning the ceramic dinner set with your hands, be careful and never let them slide away, or it will easily break. The ceramic dinner sets are cleaned easily in a dishwasher. Also, the melamine dinner set gets dried without hard work due to its heating material properties.

Difference in Weight

While comparing in weight, melamine is more lightweight than ceramic. So, when you use the ceramic dinner set, always choose a setting where you sit while eating. Otherwise, there is a higher chance of the dinner set sliding from your hand. On the other hand, a melamine dinner set is a material that you can use for outdoor eating and a buffet system. It has a higher chance of being protected from breakage.

You are ready to buy the perfect dinner set online for your home. However, to reduce the confusion in choosing your preferred material. Remember that melamine dinner sets have a symbol on the back saying melamine, and ceramic dinner sets do not have any marking. Hoping you get the dinner set that will enhance the presentation of your delicious food and make your meal special.


Hi, I am Samiksha Sharma and i am a blogger for 5 years. I am interested to write blogs on home decor, home interiors, and the furniture niche.

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