An Ultimate Post-Covid Travel Guide To Kashmir


Kashmir is often referred to as the paradise on earth, is well-known for its beautiful scenery with snow-capped mountains, abundant wildlife, famous monuments, warm and rich history. Kashmir is not just for those who love nature and adventure seekers, but also for adventurous types who are looking to a challenge.

In The Himalayan, Pir Panjal and Karakoram mountain ranges are admirers for their extraordinary beauty and warm hospitality. Tourists travel from all over and across the globe to witness the ancient peaks, massive glaciers, monasteries with cultural significance and emerald lakes.

Things do in kashmir

They also have meadows with grassy fields and large pine trees. You can take part in adventure sports such as skiing and golf and trekking, river rafting paragliding, camping and more. People who seek spiritual peace will also discover it in the area of Amarnath along with Vaishno Devi. The most popular attractions of this area include Dal Lake, Kashmir valley Khardung La pass, Gulmarg, Shalimar Bagh. The unique appeal and attractiveness of the attraction will leave you wanting more.



Tourists and travelers from the United States are permitted to travel to Kashmir however international visitors are prohibited. Simrandeep Singh, secretary of the executive committee for the state has issued the list of permissible and prohibited activities, while allowing interstate and state travel. The list reads as follows:


  • Tourists who are traveling to Kashmir is not permitted without a valid report
  • E-passes aren’t a necessity to be able to travel in Kashmir
  • Tourists are required to pass the test for covid in Srinagar and Jammu airports.
  • You can fly through Kashmir in other places with Air India airlines
  • The ICMR form should be completed by every passenger at the time of their arrival
  • Curfews are being lifted across the state of Delaware at the moment.
  • All visitors must undergo antigen tests for covid 19
  • Tourists planning to visit south Kashmir are required to have vaccination certificates.
  • The Sri Mata Devi Vaishno shrine is now open for guests to visit.
  • Gulmarg Gondola is also open to visitors


The journey to Kashmir

The main travel restrictions which were imposed due to travel are being lifted. Let’s look at the best way to get to Kashmir.

It is possible to fly to Srinagar Airport, which is the sole airport available in Kashmir. You can bring your covid 19 test to ensure ease of boarding or be required to undergo a temperature test at the airport.

Trains aren’t plentiful, therefore we recommend that you look up IRCTC for reservations

If you’re planning an excursion on the road, you can rent a vehicle or drive yourself from the border of the state towards your accommodation. You’ll be screened for temperature at checkpoints throughout the day and must wear a mask all the time or you could be punished.


Places to visit during COVID

As you know that you’ll be traveling with new rules that you have to follow. Most people go to Kashmir to see huge valleys, huge mountains, vibrant evenings for walking, bustling market and is a great destination for families, couples or short trips on your own.

If you’re thinking of making an excursion to Kashmir Here are the top four activities you can take part in during covid:


  • Climbing Chadar lake
  • Houseboats and houseboats
  • The visit includes Shalimar Bagh
  • Gondola ride in Gulmarg


Climbing Chadar lake

Who wouldn’t like the idea of climbing an ice-covered lake? This is exactly the kind of experience Chadar lake has to offer. Chadar is a lake that has been frozen located in Ladakh which turns into an ice sheet during winter. The best time to do to go on the Chadar trek is between January and February to trek along the frozen stream. Particularly, mid-January to the end of February is when most trekkers get on their trekking boots. It is a height of 11,123 feet and can only be tackled by skilled climbers.


Houseboats for Staying

Outside from Lal Chowk city is Royal Dandoo Palace that is a set of houseboats. It’s  homeboats that are found in Kashmir and located on the famous Dal lake Kashmir housesboats feature rooms constructed of the finest cedar wood. They have at least two or three rooms with bathrooms attached. They provide an all-day chef, and you can lounge on the front of the boat, cuddled together with family members, enjoying the warm Dal lake.


The visit includes Shalimar Bagh

Take a bath in Mughal gardens that surround nature’s Kashmir valley. Shalimar Bagh is the pride of Srinagar.It is a must-see place for the romantic in you, to make your special someone feel loved.


Gondola ride in Gulmarg

Gulmarg Gondola has two major courses. Courses 1 and 2 go starting from Gulmarg in the direction of Kongdori up to Apharwat peak, respectively. The first course will take about 10 minutes from start to finish, while the second course takes 12 minutes.


This is it! Be sure to travel adhering to the regulations of covid to ensure you enjoy to the max. Until next time.


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