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Benefits of foot massage

More than just a pleasure or a way to unwind, foot massage from foot massager have many benefits. In reality, there is a long list of advantages of foot massage. People have been using this complementary therapy for over 5,000 years for a reason. 


Then, in the latter half of the 1800s, Europeans developed reflexology. Pressure is applied to a person’s feet using the foot reflexology technique. As they cause a physical change in the body. A system of zones and reflex areas that map to various body parts.  It is used to determine where pressure should be applied.


Numerous studies have demonstrated the general advantages of foot massage. Even if there is still much research to be done on foot reflexology specifically.


Foot Massage Benefits


Natural health and wellness 

You can keep your psychological health by getting regular foot massages. Five minutes of foot massage therapy were found to be helpful in calming down critically ill patients. The results were of a 1999 study that appeared in the Intensive and Critical Care Nursing Journal. 


According to the study, individuals who regularly received foot massages reported feeling less stressed overall. That led to measurable drops in blood pressure and heart rate.


Since then, other studies have been conducted. They show how massaging the soft tissues in the foot can make people feel more at ease emotionally. And can also lower stress and anxiety.


Natural pain relief 

The discomfort in the feet and other parts of the body can be reduced by receiving a good foot massage. In a study from 2004 that was published in the Pain Management Nursing journal. It was discovered that post-operative patients who had foot or hand massages experienced less pain than those who only took painkillers.


When compared to the placebo group, women who received leg massager after C-section deliveries experienced less post-operative discomfort. According to a different study published in the 2010 issue of the journal Applied Nursing Research.


Relieving Cancer Symptoms and Chemotherapy Side Effects

According to a 2000 study that was printed in the Cancer Nursing journal. Cancer patients who had excruciating pain and nausea received relief from both after getting foot massages.


Another study that examined the benefits of foot massage on a sample of breast cancer patients was conducted in 2012. The women reported a marked reduction in the physical side effects of their disease and therapy. Also includes decreased breathlessness and more vigor.


Symptomatic Relief for Multiple Sclerosis

Additionally proven to provide treatment for MS sufferers is reflexology-based foot massage. Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research published a study in 2015. It was conducted by a group of Iranian academics. Reflexology was discovered to be able to relieve the extreme weariness that MS patients frequently experience.


Reduces high blood pressure 

Regular foot massages could have positive effects on people who have hypertension, or high blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels were shown to decline following foot massages. According to Pusan National University researchers in Korea.


Lessens PMS symptoms

Yes, women, getting a foot massage at that time of the month is more than indulgent. Women who had reflexology, including foot massage, experienced fewer PMS symptoms (such as bloating, mood swings, and cramping). According to a 1993 study that was published in the Obstetrics and Gynecology journal, compared to the placebo group.


Circulation is improved and swelling is reduced

After a long day of standing or sitting, or during pregnancy, edoema, or the retention of fluids in the body, is common. On the other hand, persistent peripheral edema—the swelling of the legs and ankles—can also be an indication of a deeper problem. Swelling can be brought on by kidney problems, heart problems, liver problems, and some drugs.


International Journal of Nursing Practice published a 2010 Turkish study that discovered that routine foot massage dramatically reduced edoema caused by pregnancy. Women who received massages actually had demonstrably reduced leg circumferences. Than their counterparts who received placebo treatments.


Reduced Diabetes

Diabetes limits blood supply to the feet. That can lead to issues including tingling, calluses, and foot ulcers. Reflexology, which boosts circulation and lowers the risk of neuropathy, can help ease these uncomfortable symptoms. A decent foot massage helps keep important organs in good shape and some patients get so calm during a session that their blood sugar levels fall.


There’s little doubt that receiving regular foot massages would help if you have any of these conditions. People who have one or more of these problems would benefit from a high-quality massage chair. Important to consider that the massage chair has foot reflexology features.

Not sure where to start looking? No worries, Robocura got your back, give us a call and talk to your favorite wellness consultant. We promise we’ll help you choose the best full body massage chair for your needs.

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