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Best Activities to do in Goa



We all feel excited about traveling to Goa. Find the best things that are available.

We are able to tell you that all the activities we have listed are affordable and can be financed so you don’t need to worry about your budget. Bungee jumping in Goa is also considered to be one of the major attractions.


1. Dudhsagar Falls

You’ve seen Chennai show the beauty of the surroundings. It takes three hours to reach South Goa. But, you’ll feel like you’ve landed in heaven. There are many people waiting to see the train cross the mountains. If you are lucky, you might be one of them.


2. Basilica Of Bom Jesus

It was built in 1605. It’s a stunning church with a beautiful architect. You can visit it if you wish. In the Konkan region of India’s Goa state, there is a Roman Catholic church called the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Of all the churches and convents in Goa, it serves as a place of pilgrimage and is also the most recognisable structure, having been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


3. Candolim Beach Dolphin Tour North Goa

You can book a boat ride from Candolim Beach. The boat will take to the middle of the season, where you will be able to see dolphins leaping out of the water. It is a wonderful moment.


4. Banana Ride At Anjuna Beach

This is one of the most adventurous activities you can do in Goa. Banana rice is very popular. You will be taken on a boat shaped like a banana. They will then drop you into the middle of the ocean. They will provide you with a life jacket so that even children can enjoy this activity.


5. On a grand island vacation, snorkeling in Goa


Grand island is known for its underwater beauty, so you can scuba dive on this island. There are many activities available. 

You can also book a ride from Grand Inn to north Goa. You don’t need to worry about scuba diving. The people will guide you through every situation and give you beautiful views of the Arabian Sea.


6. Baga Beach water sport

Baga Beach is a popular beach in Goa. You can do water activities such as bumper boat speedboat ride and banana ride, but a guide will be there to help you.


7. Old Goa

Go to Goa and see the churches. If you’re a spiritual person, there are many beautiful churches that you can visit and pray for your family.


8. You can try bungee jumping in mayhem lake

You can bungee jump from 55 platforms above mayhem lake. It is an adventurous activity you won’t find elsewhere so if you need to experience some adrenaline, you can go there.

9. Rent a Scooty in Goa

Rent a Scooty and you will be able to go anywhere you want.


10. Book a ferry boat

You can book a ferry boat to Goa, and you’ll see the Laura people dancing on that fairy board. You can take your family along and dance in the stunning view of the ocean.

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