Best Method to Download QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

How is the QuickBooks Diagnostic tool useful for fixing errors in the QuickBooks software? QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is created two fix the errors in the QuickBooks application. This application was created to troubleshoot major networking and multiple user issues for the QuickBooks desktop.

There is a list of errors that can be easily detected using this tool, and you can eliminate those errors within no time by just using this application. So today, we will be talking about this essential tool for the QuickBooks software, which helps you to eliminate the critical error that can affect your processing on the QuickBooks application. This tool makes processing easy by troubleshooting the error without any big procedure. The AI technology of this QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool automatically fixes your QuickBooks Errors.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic tool Screenshot

What is QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

The application was developed to fix the QuickBooks application’s multi-user error and the networking problem, which can affect the company file. Most of these errors start with the “H” Series, and others are 6000 Series. The errors like H505 and H202, QuickBooks error 6000 80 and QuickBooks Error 6129 are diagnosed by this Tool. This Diagnostic Tool application can also detect and eliminate similar errors. 

Some major issues that can lead to such errors are:

  • When any error denies your access to the database of QuickBooks, then this application can be useful.
  • If any company file goes missing from your QuickBooks application, then this tool can be useful to detect the issue and fix it.
  • Suppose the system has a corrupted file available in the QuickBooks application. In that case, this Diagnostic tool detects the corrupted document and fixes the problem permanently to provide stress-free running of the QuickBooks application.
  • If there are any connectivity issues that do not allow you to open the company file or download any document, then you can also use this tool.
  • When you see such errors that start with 6000 series or H series, you will easily terminate using the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool.
  • The Connection Diagnostic tool is also useful in fixing files if they are corrupted by the presence of viruses or Malware in the system.


Installation Process of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

To install the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic tool, you must download the original licensed application from the official website of Intuit or purchase the original Drive or CD of the Diagnostic Tool. Before purchasing or downloading the tool, ensure that the latest version of the tool is compatible with your Windows or not. Then you can follow this procedure to install the application.

  • Visit the OEM Website to download the application.
  • Then you can start the installation process of this application.
  • It will show the main screen of the diagnostic tool installation page.
  • You have to follow the Next button repeatedly to install the application.
  • First, you will find out if the setup wizard presses the Next button.
  • Next, You will get a window of Installation location, where you can choose any specific location; it will be custom installed in the C drive, or you can change the folder location to any specific place you desire by clicking on the Browse button.
  • After selecting the installation location, click on the next button again.
  • Then you will receive a licence agreement where you have to choose the I agree option and press next.
  • After completing all this process, the application will be installed within no time in your system. When you run the application, it will start an auto scan to detect any QuickBooks available in your system.
  • After the complete scan, you can restart the system, and you will so there is any error. It is not appearing now after the Diagnostic tool scan.


Significance Of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool


  • Products Information
  • Firewall Status
  • Test Connectivity


The Diagnose Connection window of the tool is useful to inform you whether your QuickBooks application is running on multiple hosting or proper system setup. This also provides you with much information about the system’s connectivity status and firewall status.



The QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is very helpful in eliminating most errors from the QuickBooks application. However, sometimes it is hard to understand its functionality, so we provide essential information regarding the tool. You can also take advice from our QuickBooks desktop support expert regarding this Diagnostic tool and its work.

We will be glad to provide you with all the necessary details regarding the tool and its use. You can quickly reach us through our Live chat option or give us a call at 1-800-615-2347.

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