Boost Up Your Sales With Correx Signs That Are Affordable And Versatile Choice For Business

Correx is an efficient and long-lasting ribbed plastic that comes in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes. 

If you’re looking for an affordable and quick way to announce the latest offer or simply to promote your business look no further! hoarding printing will help you with a wide range of signs, whatever the requirements you have.

What Is The Reason? Correx Signs Are So Popular As A Marketing Tool

Correx printing is now the most popular choice of material for the industry of signage because it can provide outstanding marketing options to companies in every industry. It is not just due to its low cost and flexibility, but also because it provides these advantages:

1. Waterproof

Correx is waterproof to the max and that makes Correx signs the perfect option for outdoor use. They are impervious to water and rain and thus will not fade or get smudged when placed outside.

2. Crack-Resistant

Correx signs are durable and durable. They are not susceptible to cracking and therefore are resistant to environmental elements like strong winds and temperature fluctuations.

3. Non-Toxic

Since they are non-toxic, Correx signs are environmentally green hoarding printing.

4. Suitable For A Variety Of Printing Methods

They are simple to use for printing and can be used to print using a variety of methods, such as screen, digital and the flexography print.

5. Economical

Correx signs aren’t just cost-effective, but they are also completely recyclable. They can be reused several times, making them an affordable signage option.

6. Flexible

Correx boards are printed and cut in any design you desire which makes them completely customizable hoarding printing.

Where Is This Signage The Most Frequently Utilised?

These perspex signs are commonly employed for short- to medium-term signage options for estate agents or retail marketers to promote properties. Majority signboards are utilised outdoors due to their endurance however they can also be used for indoor advertising during events, as they provide an opportunity for vibrant designs hoarding printing.

Correx boards are ideal for the following uses:

Freestanding displays


POS signage

Leaflet dispensers

Festival or event displays and advertising


Signs that say “For Sale”

General purposes for advertising

Printing using Correx

These boards are ideal to print any type of design or colour. We recommend using high-contrast images that use clever colour combinations to create the most impactful impression on your intended audience.

We take pride in providing top-quality products, which is why we utilise the highest quality inks for durable scratch-resistant surfaces. 

Sign Printing’s Importance

Signs are seen almost every day, and they’ve become an integral to our lives. The primary purpose of signs is to visually convey information to the person who is watching. They assist them in making conscious choices based on the information given.

The most significant types of estate agent boards are designed to promote well-being and highlight the importance of. They include health and safety warnings and directional signs, as well as location and speed limit signs. 

If we didn’t have proper signs, we’d be in a state of confusion, errors and discontent. There are numerous kinds of signs to guide us through our life. Let’s look at the most significant ones.

Are you in search of an extremely durable, tough, affordable and cost-effective advertising product? It is a product that is suitable for those with a limited budget but simultaneously produce excellent results?

And then, once more, you have the perfect solution to your needs in marketing correx boards. They’re tough and durable, perfect for promotion of events signage for sales on properties and wall-mounted advertising.

The affordable price is a great advantage for signage for the short term, but also, they can also be an efficient advertising channel for all types of uses. Custom-designed branded Correx Board printing is a one-stop weatherproof solution for temporary signage.

Correx is a type of plastic board , also known as corrugated polypropylene sheet that is strong, durable and is able to stand up to extreme levels of moisture. 

It is evident that these types of boards offer many uses and their affordability makes them an excellent marketing product. With the best products which employs, we can assure that the investment you make will be worth it.

Correx Boards Printing Features

Do you think that choosing a reputable company is worthwhile? A majority of consumers search for products and services on the Internet; this is a fact that cannot be denied. 

However, the Internet is pack with all kinds of sites, providing low-cost and at the exact high-quality services. What can tell the real advertisement from a fake one? It’s not the most straightforward of jobs and that’s the reason why brand recognition is important.

A lot of businesses invest in brand recognition, so that their customers are familiar with their products before they require one. If you’re not acquaint with the printing industry or the businesses that operate in it, then you’re at risk of selecting the wrong printer for your needs.

We’re not saying that -selecting the most expensive cost won’t ensure results. What we’re trying to say is to consider other aspects like experience and the quality of the materials you use. This is more likely to yield results than just the highest cost.

Signage Printing For Outdoor and Indoor Advertising Displays.

Signage is a method of communication which is crucial for every type of business. In order to provide information for the process of making decisions. A crucial tool to aid in business recognition branding, advertising, and marketing. The type of sign that is require will usually be determine by the specific application as well as its length.


The plastic is shape to be flute, making it extremely light and easy to move around and with a stunning print finish. Make the right decision and put your money into a company with expertise and vision. This is an investment that pays more than you thought.



Board Printing Company based in London offers a complete printing solution for businesses and individuals.

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