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The apps have a long life if we talk about the best technological innovations till now. We have seen an impeccable change in the quality of services as the brands and customers got a chance to interact more openly.

What type of smartphones do you use, and what apps would you blindly download? These are the two questions that any company would ask its customers. This survey leads to the creation of such applications. Here it’s either Android or iOS apps. Android may be a much older integration of services, whereas the iOS application development company UK evolved later.

If you remember the Nokia mobile phones, you might recall them with the black and white screens used to perform basic functions like messages and calls. They had games too. Soon these were integrated with Android apps that had to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Much later, we saw the development of another much more advanced platform that offered feature-rich applications, the iOS operating system. Like the Android came with some basic apps pre-installed, the rest had to be downloaded from its Apple App Store specifically coded, keeping in mind the different platform it was from. Thus, firms were seen hiring the top digital agency to build highly functional apps.

What is iOS app development?

We all know the world has evolved and has brought many reforms, changing how we perform different actions or implement strategies in various business models. However, the main issue arises when a company needs to decide on the best platform to build its application. This isn’t an easy task as they have to survey to calculate the number of people opting for iOS or Android apps respectively. The operating system with the more votes wins, and the developers start with the process. But if you compare both the systems, the Android users tend to be greater in number since this platform came far before the other one. However, iOS is trying to catch up with its unique features and optimal performance. But it will take some time.

Let’s talk about iOS specifically. It is an operating system that Apple developed. One of the well-known companies in the world that reached heights because of its iPhones and the technology used. Their system runs on iPad, iPods and other devices as well. They have advanced tools to develop them. Remember, an Android developer can never build these apps until and unless they have some experience or knowledge about them. This is because it is an advanced platform that follows certain rules that cannot be found in the Android system. Thus, making it quite complicated.

The company uses various programming languages like Swift or Objective-C to create applications. However, since the developers and agencies for iOS are fewer, people came up with the idea of cross-platform applications, which changed how they were built and used. These allowed the firms to use a single code to run apps on both operating systems. Make it easier to develop and save costs simultaneously.

Top 2 programming languages for iOS

Every development process when dealing with technology, especially the creation of apps, needs coding. The code makes the app functional, and without it, you won’t be able to download or use it. There are numerous types of programming languages used by developers to do coding for specific platforms. Since we are just focusing on iOS applications, let’s stick to its coding languages. Though there are various languages, we will be looking at the best two, which include Objective-C and Swift.

  • Swift:

    These days, we hear a lot about Swift where man developers and development companies are seen emphasizing its use. Thus, it has become the new official langue of iOS app development, especially in the UK. It has a simple syntax and is more focused on privacy than any other thing. If you use an iPhone, you might clearly know what we are referring to. Moreover, it enables companies to integrate legacy code into updated mobile applications. Furthermore, it is much easier to learn even for new beginners. It is fast, secure and easy to use, making it the best language that organizations should use for their iOS apps.

  • Objective-C:

    Moving to the other language, Objective-C was developed in the 1980s. It was known as the main programming language for Apple products and services for a long time. As its name suggests, it is object-oriented programming that has its focuses on passing all the messages to various processes. Most agencies were seen maintaining and improving legacy apps written in this specific language instead of incorporating them into the above-discussed Swift framework.

Know that it is an advanced method of creating apps that were developed to serve the customers with robust features. Since it uses new technologies, it has a vast library and APIs that greatly maintain a stable, optimized and functional platform. The SDKs here make the integration process faster, improving the infrastructure. This was all about the apps that needed to be downloaded, and the rest came pre-installed, like the cameras, maps, a few games, calculator, etc. Know the future is unknown, but with the right mobile applications, companies can make a difference and converts lead into sales. All this leads to greater profits.


Mobile phones have increased in demand over a long time. The demand for them gradually increased as customers wanted to gain remote access to shops, surveys, information and other data. The development process was slow, but it was steady. It went from Android to iOS development, making it the most demanded technology in today’s world to decrease the gap between customers and brands in real-time. However, as people shifted from Android to iOS, there was a great demand for the iOS application development company UK that specialized in building futuristic apps for different industries, including gaming, retail, healthcare, logistics, marketing, etc. The next time you want to develop a unique application, count on these to change how you communicate with the world.

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