Building a Hotel Rental App: Prices, Features, and More

The concept behind Airbnb is to build effective platforms for peer-to-peer rentals in specific sectors, such as travel, automobiles, commercial real estate, boats, and so on. An Airbnb clone script created with cutting-edge technology makes this process as simple as possible by incorporating features and specifications to launch rental platforms.

Particularly when replicating the features of Airbnb-like applications in some important cities, we need to concentrate on things like Host, Guest, and Admin, and what kind of role and access they receive to manage the rental business. And we should start by listing the most common attributes that an Airbnb-like service might have.

Creating an App for Hotel Rentals: A Complete Guide

The popularity of and Airbnb inspired many companies to think about creating their own hotel booking software. This article will inform you about e-travel app development, including categories, revenue opportunities, and application functionality if you have the same query. And it would be easy to create a high-quality, affordable solution.

Study of the E-Travel Market

70% of people use their smartphones to research potential destinations when they are making travel plans. The global pandemic prevention strategies are no longer restricting the growth of the tourism industry. Industry forecasts state that it will reach $833.5 billion in 2025.

In addition, the hotel and e-travel sectors are expanding quickly. The figures speak for themselves: by 2024, it is predicted that the rental car industry will increase to $823.6 million. By 2025, statistics predict that more than 70% of all travel-related sales will be made online. Mobile applications would be used, as they have a five-fold higher conversion rate than websites.

As a result, this sector is entirely computerised, and over time, engagement will decrease. Growing demand shows that there is no better time than now to launch a competitive booking app.

Steps to Take in Order to Start Strong

You must first clarify the components listed below in order to identify our target audience and get your booking app off to a good start.

Establish what kind of booking app you want to use. Three categories are available for selection.

  • Applications for specific hotel chains are used to book rooms within those chains (or a separate hotel that belongs to this chain). Marriott Rewards and Hilton are two of the most well-known hotel chain app stores.
  • Online travel agencies allow users to purchase hotels, plane tickets, vehicles, and other goods (OTAs). OTA apps include Hopper,, and Kayak, for instance.
  • Hotel aggregators include apps like,, and TripAdvisor.

Unique features in our Airbnb clone app :

1) Laravel Framework:

This app is done with the laravel framework Because it will give safe and secure protection to this product. In this app, we have done this without any errors. And we added some additional codes has done. In this laravel, these apps make security.

2) Messaging Features:

Messaging option is a chatting purpose for both host and guest. This message option is most important for any problems you can easily chat about on this app.

3) Host commission:

A guest once pays an amount to the host. The based on commission will automatically transfer to the admin.

4) Business profile:

A business profile is a user profile such all kinds of records can maintain by an app. And then can view such databases by the host.

5) Manage calendar:

A host can only manage a calendar in his mind, can change the date, and will decide. The calendar has automatically shown travelers can easy to find out and check the dates available through this app. 

6) Social sharing:

Guests can share our Airbnb clone through social networks. There are many social media sharing apps you can share with our product. They are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram.

7) Invite friends

Guests can share this app with an invite through friends and families through these platforms. To share and invite all such people to become a grow-up next-level Airbnb clone app.


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