Canon Printer Error e02 | Quick Fix

Canon printers are well known for their consistent printing quality and superb service. Despite their outstanding performance, at times, Canon Printer users encounter some errors.

Canon Printer Error e02 is the most common error code that users usually experience. If you are also one of those users and you want to resolve the issue on your own, you have accessed the right screen.

Why Canon Printer Error e02?

Consideration of the reasons is pivotal to getting the issue fixed. Overheated printheads are the prime reason behind this error code.

Factors that may contribute to Canon Printer e02 include:

Paper Jams

  • Inaccurate loading of the sheets in the paper tray
  • Damaged Rollers
  • Using low-quality papers
  • Another reason that may be responsible for Canon Printer Error e02 is the use of low-quality cartridges.
  • Dirty Feed Rollers.

What is Canon Printer Error e02?

An overheated printing device or an overheated printhead may suggest the user check for the error code. You may also check the Printer Screen to get a notice of this error. You are now already aware of the causes of this error. It may be troublesome if not resolved at an earlier stage. It may halt the complete printing process.

In addition to delaying print jobs, paper jams lead to damaged printing segments or components. Sometimes, the replacement of these parts may be too costly to afford.

Therefore, it is better to be aware of the causes in the beginning to avoid future breakdowns.

Let us look through the different causes and the necessary steps to get rid of this error in detail.

Reasons may include:

Paper Jam

A paper jam error may sound frustrating. Many users regularly face this issue, each time due to different reasons. The foremost reason could be loading the paper tray incorrectly. Read below for tips that can help you set this error aside.

Accurate Loading of the Print Sheets:

While placing the sheets in the paper tray, be careful to arrange them in an exact way.
For a smooth printing process, you must have positioned the paper correctly.
Improper positioning of sheets will result in print failure.

Damaged Print Rollers:

Print rollers allow the movement of sheets of paper from the input tray. Tiny rubber wheels pick up the paper from the input tray.

The roller lifting the sheets from the input tray is called the uptake roller. Over time, the rollers undergo wear and tear. Mishandling the device and excessive use can cause the rollers to be damaged.

Use of low-quality Paper:

Many things that may seem trivial can have an impact on a large scale.
For a fine-quality print, the streamlined devices need everything to be of good quality. While choosing the paper for printing, choose good quality sheets. Using a low-quality sheet can leave a speck of paper dust behind.

Small bits of paper can become the source of paper jams. When these bits of paper accumulate, they pose a grave problem.

Get an Idea of the Optimum number of Sheets:

Feed rollers have to pick the sheets from a specific height, so overloading the paper tray may cause a paper jam. Do not over exceed the limit of sheets in the paper tray. Maintain some spacing from the top edge. Overlading the paper tray can cause a printer jam error.

Use of Low-quality Cartridges:

As discussed in the previous section, using low-quality paper sheets leave a speck of paper dust behind. Similarly, low-grade cartridges build stray ink in the printer. Output print quality gets affected by such types of cartridges.

Fan the Stack:

The sheets must not be sticking to each other. If so, the sheets will get pulled together, resulting in a paper jam. Remember to fan the stack of sheets before placing them in the paper tray. Any sheets that may be sticking to each other will get loosened. Maintain uniformity and integrity in sheets.

Ensure Using the Correct Paper Size for Printing:

In a single stack, use the same types of paper sheets. Using multiple types may baffle the printer and cause a paper jam. Printing paper size and type should be according to the requirement.

Be sure about the correct positioning of printing paper:

Insert a Clean Paper in the Paper Tray:

Another reason that may be responsible is the paper folded or curled from somewhere.

Keep the sheets under some weight to get the sheets smooth again. After some time, if you get flat sheets of paper, use them. Otherwise, pick another bundle.

If the sheet is moist, place it under the fan or in sunlight.

2. Dirty Feed Rollers:

Print rollers need cleaning if you are getting smudges and streaks on the output sheet. You may hear your print rollers squeaking as an indication of dirty print rollers.

When the print rollers are dirty, they fail to grab the sheets for printing. Clogging in the feed rollers may prevent you at the beginning stage of printing. Therefore, you need to clean the feed rollers regularly.

To clean the rollers, follow the steps:

Cleaning Process:

  • Launch the Canon Printer Software.
  • Under the Properties tab, pick the option “Test Alignment.”
  • In another software version, you may select “Clean Print Heads.”
  • Wait until the printer finishes the cleaning or alignment process.
  • Try testing the print.

Another method to clean the print heads:

  • Power on the printing machine.
  • Locate the stop button on the printer.
  • Press and hold it until an orange light flashes seven times.
  • Release the button when it continuously flashes seven times.
  • Doing so will allow the rollers to start the cleaning process by rotating.

You may also use a clean sheet of paper or a neat cotton cloth for the manual cleaning. If you are interested in knowing, post a comment in the comment box. We will discuss the process in detail in our next article.

Simple Steps to Remove Canon Printer Error e02 with Smart tips:

  • First, disconnect the network connection. Leave it disconnected for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, unplug all the wires and cables from the printer.
  • Canon printer error e02 mainly symbolizes a heated device. Situate the printer at a location with a lower temperature. Do not place it in direct cooling such as in front of A.C. or fan. There should be a minimum distance of about 2-3 feet.
  • Reconnect the printing apparatus with the network.
  • Turn on the device after plugging in all the wires again. Then, check the display for an error code.
  • Confirm there is no leakage in the cartridge section. If there is any leakage, clean the cartridges.
  • Check the printer tray for a paper jam or an overloaded paper tray. Carefully remove the scrap sheets, if any.
  • Restart the printing machine and connect it to a suitable Internet connection.
  • If the error still persists, you may be using an outdated version of the printer drivers. Update the existing version and verify the printer status.

In a Nutshell:

Hope! You got all the descriptions for Canon Printer Error e02 and other issues like Canon Printer Error 6a81 in detail. You may be in need of guidance to remove the printer error, which is the main aim of this write-up.

However, unfortunately, if you are still looking around for some technical help, contact the experts. They are available 24*7 at your service.

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