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Choose between normal and luxury budget Apartment

1 Bhk Service Apartments In Bangalore

Prefer as per your pocket which is best for you; regular or Luxury one.

Are you residing outskirt of Bangalore, and daily commuting for you can be hectic ones!! Inside the city, you can find lots of luxury apartments or regular apartments for rent. And 1 Bhk Service Apartments in Bangalore, is one of them. If you are sure about renting a luxury apartment for your long stay, then your decision won’t go wrong.

Sometimes people can’t differentiate the difference between ordinary and luxury apartments. So, in this blog, they can able to know the exact significance. As per your pocket decide which one you can opt for.

High demand for Luxury Homes(Apartment)  For Rent

There is research showing that there is a huge willingness for luxury apartments. This has proved a steady growth for luxury apartments renting for their comfort. But still, there is demand for a regular apartments too, but due to modernization, people are inclined more toward luxury ones. But the middle class always prefers to have a regular apartment for its cost affordability, and reliability.

Most of the salaried and middle class go for renting a regular furnished apartment for its cost efficiency. With this high cost of leaving, the people in middle-income groups, think to rent normally furnished apartments then luxury ones. But, Yes of course if you have saved your money for the future, then renting a huge furnished luxury apartment, is just like the adage some time money often costs too much, just like “cut your cloth according to your coat” do not spend money if you have saved for your future. Yes if you have a dream to live in a luxury apartment then go for one bhk house, can cost less for you. Long Stay Service Apartments In Bangalore, can be the best one within your budget.

However, when you are going for rent, first the occupant should know the difference between luxury and regular apartments. There are a few homeowners, who are there giving rent regular apartments saying as luxury apartments to earn some extra charges.

Hence, this blog has penned down some important facts that could help you to find out the difference between regular apartments and luxury apartments in Bangalore.

When it comes to costs wise; the regular furnished apartment is good

The main factor when we differentiate between luxury apartments and regular apartments is the cost comes first. Usually, the luxury apartment rent is thrice that of the regular apartment. That means for the normal man it is not easy to have a rent. And in other, the rent of luxury apartments is high when it has located in prime locations. If you have money and are interested to have a small one try this Long Stay Service Apartments In Bangalore

Investment value is zero when it comes to renting a luxury apartment

If you are looking, for renting a luxury apartment, then investing here another fool, we can say. Because when something broken, or something happens, the homeowner can charge more than your rent also. Because luxury apartments are had high-performing assets and you can’t desire to have 100% returns when you rent this type of apartment. But yes, if you have a mind to purchase then it can give 100% return to you. But when it comes to regular apartments it is cost friendly and very economical and efficient for the people who have a minimum budget to spend on home rent.


In this blog, if anyone comes across it, can easily know why to opt for a regular furnished apartment rather than the luxury one. Luxury furnished apartment, are not for all, it is for limited groups. If anyone in a middle-income group has a dream to live in a luxury apartment to enjoy all comfort then he can go for a small bhk one, where rent is less in comparison to the big one. Try for this 1 Bhk Service Apartments in Bangalore.  A home is what; where you can stay happily and peacefully and My home stay serve the all.

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