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Choosing the Correct Water Purification Technology as Per Water Conditions

Are you seeking help to choose the correct water purification technology for your home?  If yes, then you have come to the right page. The water purification technologies are divided into 4 broad categories, which are ion exchange, separation, filtration, and disinfection. While the categories have a few subcategories such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, micro-filtration, and disinfection. As per the water conditions, you need to choose the correct technology for water purification at your home. It will help you to ensure safe and clean drinking water free from dirt, contaminants, microorganisms, and salt.

The water purifier that you choose depends on the quality of the water supply you receive in your area. RO & UV are the most common choice among homeowners to select the best water purification technology. For areas with a hard water supply, RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers are the most effective way to clean water. Therefore, it eliminates the permissible TDS level that may contain arsenic, fluorides, and other substances. The higher level of TDS is associated with the hardness of the water causes an unpleasant taste. The popularity of RO purified water has increased in the past few decades due to noticeable changes in the cleanliness and taste of water.

Adding an RO purifier to treat the groundwater having low TDS seems unnecessary. For such places, it’s better to go for UV water purifiers. UV (Ultraviolet) water purifiers use a high-power UV lamp that disinfects water and helps remove contaminants from water. UV water purifiers are ideal for purifying municipal corporation water. Using UF in the combination with UV also helps in removing particles & microbes from water. UV is nothing but an ultrafiltration membrane. A chemical-free UV UF water purifier is the best machine for disinfection.

Now if you are looking for a filtration system combined with all these technologies then you can buy a UV+RO+UF water purifier online easily for the best water purity. This advanced multi-technology purification system will leave no room for any kind of bacteria, virus, large particles, sediments, and other solids in your regular drinking water. ZeroB has a range of advanced water purification machines which use patented technologies like HRR (High Recovery RO) & ESS (Electrolytic Sanitization System).

Wrapping Up

As per the above points, evaluating the water condition & hardness is the most important factor which needs to be considered for choosing the suitable water purifier technology.

There are many companies available that offer the top-notch home water solution but choosing the reliable one is important. ZeroB is one of the best companies offering a range of home and commercial water solutions within your budget. It has emerged as one of the premier environment and water management companies in India to provide a one-stop water treatment solution for your home. Their product range includes a UV UF water purifier, RO water purifiers, water softeners, iron removers, sand filters, and non-electric purifiers. All their products are certified and clinically tested to ensure you get safe and pure drinking water.

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