Complete Guide to Hike Around Polish Tatra Mountains


When it comes to traveling to Poland, most of the people opt out for its beautiful and magnificent cities like Warsaw, Gdansk or Krakow. Although these cities provide some of the most authentic Polish experiences with its breathtaking architecture, picturesque views and vibrant night-life, Poland is not all about urban lifestyle. Did you know that you can properly hike in Polish Mountains? – If not join us and read this complete guide. It will give you practical tips as well as recommendations of must-see places to hike around Polish Tatra Mountains.


What is Tatra Mountains?

Tatra Mountains is a range of mountains on the border of Slovakia and Poland. It is part of the Carpathian Mountain range. Even though Tatra Mountain occupies as much as 800 square kilometers of the landscape, only one fourth of its total surface belongs to Poland. However, this doesn’t stop Polish Tatras to be one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe.

The highest peak of Polish Tatra’s is Rysy at almost 2500 meters. It is located near Polish resort town Zakopane and alongside the city is one of the most important natural landmarks of the country. Tatra Mountains offer great amount of hiking trails of different difficulty. Whether you are just getting your first hiking experiences or have hiked around enough to call yourself an experienced hiker, Tatra mountains has something for everyone.

Tatra Mountains, alongside Slovak Tatra National Park and Polish Tatra National Park are protected by the law and is part of UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The latter is like a UNESCO World Heritage site, but for natural landmarks, like mountains, forests, jungles and lakes.


Must-Visit Trails to Hike Around Polish Tatra

Whether you are traveling to Poland for a week and want a weekend getaway from Krakow’s industrialized city life or want to take a break from Warsaw’s vibrant night-life, Zakopane and Tatra Mountains can always help. The mountains offer some of the best and picturesque views of Central Europe that you can cherish on your way up and down.

If you are planning your getaway to Polish Tatras, don’t forget to apply for ETIAS Visa waiver. The visa waiver will be compulsory for every non-EU national from 2023 to enter the EU.

Some of the must visit spots in Polish Tatra include:

Dolina Pięciu Stawów

The Dolina Pięciu Stawów (or commonly known as “The Valley of Five Lakes”) is a valley in Poland’s Tatra Mountains, situated near the village of Lądek-Zdrój. Its spectacular geography has led it to become one of Poland’s prime tourist destinations, making use of its natural setting and lush green meadows.

For some, who reach as much as 500 meters above sea level and walk up to 1 kilometer off-trail through woodlands, there are more peaks to be reached before arriving at their final destination: Dolina Pięciu Stawów, or The Valley of Five Lakes––a sometimes described as ‘the Alpine paradise’ in Poland.

Dolina Koscieliska

Dolina Koscieliska, or The Koscieliska Valley, is another valley that is ideal for nature and hiking lovers. It is greener than the Dolina Pięciu Stawów. There are trees, grass and rare species of plants on both sides. Although it is very popular, it could be a great place for families. It offers a stunning view and a wonderful trail that is easily beatable even by inexperienced hikers and children.

Morskie Oko

The Morskie Oko (The Eye of the Sea) lake is a beautiful and unique place in the Tatra Mountains. It is a natural phenomenon formed by the melting of ice. As water levels rose, it became a popular tourist destination for locals and foreigners alike. The water is so clean and cold that you can actually see the rock bottom of it. Besides, in sunny day the view of the lake is breathtaking, making it one of the most popular spots in Tatra Mountains.

Dolina Chochołowska

Dolina Chochołowska is one of the most famous and visited places in Poland. It is a natural treasure of Poland and it is home to many animals, plants, and other species. Famous with its crocuses the place has become the inspiration for many authors. The list includes national hero and the most popular Polish Author Adam Mickiewicz too.

Once in Polish Tatra Mountains, this is the place to be on top of the bucket list, since it offers some of the most beautiful views as well as dazzling landscape.



Tatra Mountains is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges not only in Europe, but in the world. It offers some of the most authentic and fascinating experiences. In this guide we have presented some of the best spots to hike around Polish Tatra. We hope that you will find this article helpful and your trip to Tatra Mountains will be full of joyful and unforgettable moments.

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