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Counsol – Mental Health Practice Management Software

If you are looking for a mental health practice management software, you may want to consider Counsol. This program features a secure messaging system and integrated anti-virus protection. The user-friendly interface allows even a novice user to benefit from the program. Keeping track of client records is essential for any practitioner. Using CounSol makes the process easy by storing all of your notes in a centralized database that you can access quickly to look up a client’s history or review past sessions.

Counsol is a Mental Health Practice Management System

The Counsol system is a mental health practice management system with features that allow therapists to interact with clients and patients. The system includes integrated client portals, videoconferencing capabilities, and secure messaging. The system is highly customizable. Users can set up their interfaces to match their practice’s unique needs. The system also allows users to customize the type of notifications they receive. For example, they can choose to receive notifications of changes to sessions or their own schedule.

A mental health practice management system streamlines all administrative tasks, allowing counselors to spend more time with patients. The software streamlines all aspects of practice management, from billing to collecting payments. Many of these programs are user-friendly and convenient. In addition to standalone programs, mental health practitioners can select practice management suites or larger practice management packages. There are many benefits to using a mental health practice management system.

It includes an Integrated Secure Messaging System

In addition to the integrated secure messaging system, Counsol is built with several tools to engage your clients and patients. Besides integrating with your practice’s email system, it includes built-in videoconferencing and secure messaging. You can customize the interface to fit your practice’s needs, including enabling or disabling email notifications. A secure messaging system will keep your patients and clients’ information safe and secure.

To ensure that your client’s health information is secure, you can enable two-factor authentication, using Google Authenticator to make sure the messages are sent only to you. You can also choose what information will be displayed on the synced calendar items and notifications. Therefore, you can turn off session emails by default. You can even use the e-mail security of CounSol to prevent your clients from downloading your bills.

It Allows you to Customize Invoices

You can create a customized invoice template in Counsol, and then use it to send out invoices to clients. You can choose a specific invoice template, change the client information, and adjust disclaimer text as needed. Invoices can also be sent via email or printed. Counsol’s Custom Form Styles module lets you customize the invoice format to your company’s needs. You can use multiple invoice templates at one time, or create new ones.

But you can configure the terms of payment for manual and recurring invoices. You can choose whether your invoices are due on receipt, Net 10 or Net 30 days from date of creation, or custom number of days. Invoices can also include a Terms and Conditions field for a note about payment. This feature is available for all plans, including the free version.

It has an Anti-Virus program

Antivirus software protects your PC from malware and cybercriminals. This type of software has full access to your PC, enabling it to scan web pages, applications, system files, and other components. It can also watch PC parts’ behavior and flag anything that looks unusual. Also, this makes it essential to protect your PC at all times. Here are some of the benefits of antivirus software. Read on to learn how it can help protect your PC and keep you safe online.

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