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Covid Certificate Verification – Effective Measure to Address Health Concerns

After seeing a dramatic increase in COVID cases, the governments of every country started placing restrictions on the travel industry. To prevent the widespread of this virus, it was necessary to restrict individuals’ travel across and within the countries. However, despite the strict standards, fraudsters somehow came up with sophisticated methods to create fake certificates, dodge the covid certificate verification process, and board airplanes. 


In order to combat these attempts, governments operating in the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, the USA, and other countries enforced varying degrees of restrictions on airlines to verify vaccine certificates. The most common is to ask the travelers to provide a negative COVID report and proof of being vaccinated. The blog covers ways in which AI is enhancing the coronavirus certificate verification process. 

Health Concerns – A Liability for Travel Industry

The travel industry has seen a downfall in terms of finances ever since the pandemic took over. While it was responsible for assisting citizens with seamless national and international travels, it also has been transporting the COVID virus. This is why respective governments placed restrictions on the travel industry which ultimately led to hefty financial losses. As per the reports by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism is close to facing a significant financial drop of around $1.2 trillion.


Therefore, to resume the usual airline operations, regional governments are enforcing certain restrictions. The most prominent is coronavirus certificate verification. However, with fraudsters on its back, the travel industry needs to incorporate effective solutions to verify covid certificates. While resuming safe travels, airlines can not overlook health concerns. This is why they need to strictly adhere to the covid certificate verification regulatory standards prior to opening safe travels. Otherwise, they will face non-compliance fines and other consequences. 

Non-Compliance Implications Airlines Can Undergo

For years airlines and other travel industries are serving as the platform for several crimes such as human trafficking, money laundering, drug smuggling, and terrorist funding. In the most recent years, airlines are becoming responsible for the transport of covid virus. 


If airlines fail to comply with travel-based restrictions and ensure safe boarding, they will face hefty fines and even a complete shutdown. This is why airlines need to employ digital vaccine certificate verification solutions. This is so to remotely verify covid certificates of passengers and address health-related concerns. This way airlines can stay compliant with the regulations and minimize the chances of hefty fines. 

Digital Certificate Vaccine Verification – Securing the Travel Industry

Regulatory authorities are keeping a strict check on global airlines to make sure they align their operations with the set standards. The travel sector needs to perform efficient coronavirus certificate verification. However, some airlines are still using the manual covid certificate verify solutions. As it involves human interpretation, it is more prone to errors that leave loopholes for fraudsters. They use advanced methods like photoshop to create fake certificates and dodge the verification process.


Therefore, airlines require digital vaccine certificate verification solutions to address these attempts. The AI-powered solutions provide remote verification and eliminate the need for physical manual verification. The digital solutions to verify vaccine certificates further assist airlines and other travel sectors in the following ways:

AI for Remote Identification

As previously mentioned, travel industries are using manual methods for covid certificate verification. This requires the passenger to be at the airport hours before their boarding. Furthermore, it involves various human errors that cause inaccurate verification. 


Therefore, airlines require digital vaccine certificate verification solutions to provide seamless boarding to passengers while making sure they travel safely. Moreover, the AI-powered covid certificate verify solutions provide remote verification that provides convenience to travelers. 

Barcode Scanning to Replace Manual Methods 

The AI-powered covid certificate verification solutions replace manual efforts with barcode scanning. This involves the use of mathematical algorithms that are not prone to discrepancies. Fraudsters tamper with these codes to manipulate the covid certificates and escape verification checks before traveling. 


However, with efficient AI-enabled coronavirus certificate verification checks in place, there will be less room left for fraudsters. Moreover, airlines can cross-match the barcodes with government-issued identity documents to not only verify covid certificates but also the identity of the passengers. 

Access to Global Databases for Improved Security

Moving on, fraudsters use sophisticated methods for either self-travel across countries or assisting other legit passengers. In order to minimize the hassle, travelers often avail fake certificates on their arrival at the airports. These attempts are hard to identify by the manual covid certificate verification methods. 


The digital certificate vaccine verification solutions there enable airlines to access global databases. This way the travel industry can access the records of the country from where the travelers are coming. 

In Summation

It is high time for the travel industry to come up with digital solutions to verify covid certificates and provide safe travel to passengers. Manual verification however can no longer be trusted as they are no match for the digital fraudulent attempts. This requires airlines and other travel sectors to incorporate better and more efficient digital vaccine certificate verification solutions. 

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