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Custom Printed Boxes: Offset Printing or Digital Printing?

Custom Printed Boxe

In general, especially if you’ve just started custom printed Boxes and packaging, make sure the exact colour or quality is what you see on a screen.

The truth is that the output of a printer does not always match the output we see on our monitor, according to the RGB vs CMYK theory of colour output.

Yes, the quality of the results can be controlled to reproduce what appears to be, but it depends on the technology and technique you choose to use.

This is why many designers, business owners, and marketers are prone to making mistakes that could affect the attractiveness of your brand to customers.

It does not suggest that you should choose more expensive alternatives.

There are many ways to choose cost-effective options for high-quality results.

We will help you choose the most appropriate printing method for your custom boxes.

Understanding the different outcomes depending on the goals, cost, capabilities, and artwork costs is vital to making the best choice to maximize branding opportunities.
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The two main packaging printing techniques include offset lithographic printing and digital printing.

Offset Printing (CMYK/PMS)

Offset printing uses metal plates that quickly apply the colour of the sheets and then print on cardboard.

This is also the way newspapers and magazines are usually produced.

It provides high-quality images and is cost-effective for large print runs; however, it is too expensive for low volume projects and requires extra time to complete.

Packaging Printing

Digital Printing (RGB)

However, digital printing is how your home laser desk or inkjet printer works.

It has fast execution times and makes low volume works profitable.

It is also much easier to design variable runs with an electronic press.

But digital printers cannot be compared to colour accuracy, and offset printing offers material flexibility.

Digital printing accounts for 17.6% of the value of packaging and printing globally but represents only 5.2% of the volume generated by the printing industry.

This confirms that it is the most efficient option for low volume printing. But there is more to it than just comparing print volumes.

Box Printing

The rigid packaging industry generally requires offset printing. If you are printing on state-of-the-art boxes, you may want to consider offset printing for the highest quality.

Rigid packaging is commonly used for state-of-the-art goods or gifts. It is also known to be more expensive due to the cost of installation for production.

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Cardboard Box Printing

Offset is a good choice for models that require different processes, such as UV or foil stamping and more than 1000 units.

For smaller orders and simpler packaging designs for online stores, digital is the best method to choose.

Cardboard packaging usually requires compensation, especially for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Offset provides more accurate and vivid print results for less important text and patterns. Providing accurate and precise information on the packaging is essential for providing essential information to consumers.

Turnaround Times

For small-scale cardboard prints, digital is the ideal choice for delivery time.

Although offset printing is generally more efficient for larger runs, this does not mean that the delivery time is longer.

Packaging Specifications

Advantages of Using Custom Gable Boxes As Promotional Items

Colour Comparison

While offset printing may be more expensive, offset printing will surpass digital printing in terms of colour depth and brightness.

Offset printers can use their Pantone Matching Color system to match the inks exactly, while digital printers only approximate these colours using colour calibration.

The offset also prints white ink on kraft paper; digital can’t do it anyway.

Offset creates a clear, attractive colour that you can see in retail stores. Digital offers high-quality models with less complexity.

Coating Options Printed Cardboard Sheets

There are many coating options available to prevent the print on a cardboard sheet, such as:

  • Matt
  • Glossy
  • Soft Touch

Printing and prototyping methods

Both printing techniques can complement each other in most packaging orders.

Using digital printing to design packaging prototypes and offset printing to print the final process effectively maintains high-quality printing options.

It is recommend that you request physical proof of CTP to confirm printing rather than.

Offset prototyping is possible but requires more time and expense.

Recommendation on Quantities

For rigid and collapsible boxes, regardless of quantity, offset is recommend.

If you produce cardboard packaging, all orders smaller than 500 pieces should be consider digital to reduce costs and compensate for parts more significant than 1000-2000 pieces due to the outstanding quality and cost reduction.

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