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Descriptive Essay Writing: All You Need to Know About It!

As a student, you must have asked to prepare a descriptive essay for your academic writing. But ever wonder what this actually is? How it is created? What are its elements? Why do students struggle and seek essay writing services? If not, let us move forward and solve some of these queries. So, let’s start with learning what a descriptive essay is.

What Is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is one of essays which gives a detailed description of a topic. In addition, it paints a picture in the reader’s mind using words. It could be anything from an object to a person, an emotion, a situation etc. Writing it is similar to a narrative essay but, it presents different viewpoints. These essays are used to develop the analytical ability of a student, which helps them in future. It also tests the ability to use a language uniquely and creatively. 


A descriptive essay comprises five elements that are:

Expressive Details

This type of essay writing involves painting an image in the reader’s mind and appealing to their senses. It allows the engagement of the senses of the reader: touch, sight, taste and smell. 

Descriptive Language

It is one of the main elements of a descriptive essay. Using similes, metaphors, adjectives, adverbs and more creates the character sketch of a subject. It helps a reader feel the writer’s emotions while he is creating a particular essay.

Central Theme

Main theme of content helps a writer to organize the details of the content. It should be well-structured and clear. In addition to this, it should focus on a particular point. 

Accurate Language

The language used in creating an essay decides the effect it creates. To ensure, the language should focus on the central theme. Hence, avoid using unclear and questionable words.

Organized Ideas

All the ideas present in an essay should be well-organized. To do this, you can use, chronological, spatial, and order of importance. If the pointers are unorganized, the reader will get distracted. 

How to Write It?

All types of writing follows a particular procedure to create impressive content. So, a descriptive essay also has steps to follow to create it. Let us consider the procedure of creating this essay:

Topic Selection

The first and foremost step to start is, choosing a topic on which you have to write an essay. It will be the main idea which has to be focused on all the time while creating it. If the topic is attractive, you can get the reader’s attention. 

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Develop an Outline

After you have selected the topic, it is time to create an outline or the structure of the essay. It will ensure your information is in the correct sequence. Also, it will continuously remind you to include all the necessary details your content should have.

Writing an Effective Content

After you have selected a topic and laid an outline for the same, it is time to create the actual content. While developing it, you should divide the entire essay into three parts, introduction, body and conclusion. 

 Now you have all the information needed to create a descriptive essay. You have learned what is a descriptive essay, what are elements it contains? How to write it? It is enough knowledge needed to develop an effective writing piece. Even after all this, if you get stuck somewhere, you can seek help from the assignment writing services available. They will guide you in the best possible way.

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