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Different Types of Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are multiple legal rights that protect creators by preventing others from misapplying or meddling in others’ inventions, products, artefacts, scientific developments etc. Australian IP law was design to encourage people and also protect businesses.

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This blog will discuss copyright, patent, and trademark rights in Australia. Let’s dive into the types of intellectual property rights and why they are important.


Copyright has the ability to protect the original work of authorship. It can be a diverse range of creations such as books, paintings, photographs, blogs, videos, films, plays, computer software, songs, architectural work, computer programs, etc.

however; the copyright does not protect similar phrases, short slogans, familiars’ symbols, names and even titles. Rather the Australian intellectual property law is centre on protecting expressions and ideas. So, next time when you copy someone else’s quote without crediting them, it may be count as plagiarism which is also a sort of copyright infringement.

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 Australian patent right is a government-granted legal right that prevents third parties from manufacturing, using or selling an invention in Australia. The point to note here is that the Australian government may also provide the licence to manufacture an invention on a few agreed terms. There are below conditions to receive a patent.

  1. The idea must be new.
  2. Useful and
  3. Non-obvious

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A trademark is a diversified word that has different meanings. It could be any word, symbol, logo, design or combination of all those things that identify your services or products. It allows customers to recognise your brand in the marketplace where millions of others are working on the same page and selling similar products as you.

In general, conversation people use the term as both trademark and service. If we talk about the law in Australia, it provides strict protection for one’s trademark under the intellectual property law. The registered marketing tool prevents others from using your trademark or brand. Get the best Property law assignment help where you can understand why they are important.

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