Disability Issues you must know of as a Disability Support Worker

Disability Support Worker



Be it Stigma, Discrimination, or Stereotyping, individuals with disabilities face various challenges in their everyday life. There are certain barriers that the community/society has developed that is affecting the lives of individual with disabilities negatively, creating challenges for them every day to achieve the life they deserve to live.

As a disability support worker, you sure are playing your part in making the lives of individuals with a disability easier. However, you must know the challenges these individuals face in everyday life to get to support them better.

These issues are the reason behind disability exclusion from our society. Disability exclusion has stemmed from the belief that having a disability makes a person less capable.

Nonetheless, the only disability in our society is a bad attitude. Due to this bad attitude, the barriers/challenges these people faces are societal. Today, we will be shedding light on such issues that have resulted as a result of negative attitudes


One of the most commonly known issues of course is accessibility. This barrier specifically exists for individuals with physical disabilities/mobility issues. Moving around for the individual with physical disabilities can be hard specifically. Public places typically do not include accommodations for them.

Not everyone is this mindful when constructing public places. You are less likely to find ramps, bigger doors, hallways, etc for them to move.


Moving on, education is also one of the prominent issues. Despite being a human right, many individuals with a disability stay deprived of it. The majority of the children with disability remain out of school because according to society they cannot run the race of life like others.

Many organizations and other entities have been doing their best to solve this issue but this needs collaborative efforts. Even though assistive technology option is available, not everyone can afford them.

Lack of Employment opportunities:

Securing employment is already hard. The employers pick up the best talent from the talent tool only, incorporated with skills to the perfection. However, many individuals with disability tend to not get many employment opportunities due to various reasons.

For instance, the negative perceptions towards them and lack of education, etc. Automatically make them fall behind the rest of the candidates.

Basic Healthcare:

Another one of the human rights that individuals with a disability seem to be deprived of. Australia is a big country with a quite stretched healthcare system. Though the government is doing as much as it can, poor people and those with disabilities do not have proper access to healthcare. This is due to several reasons like lack of knowledge and awareness or fear etc.

Moreover, there have seen cases where individuals with mental disabilities are also mistreated by workers. This issue needs proper awareness and empathy to be solved.

The Stereotypes:

Stereotypes and myths, these still exist even after decades have passed and people are somewhat aware. These stereotypes typically result in negative attitudes towards individuals with disabilities like pity, fear, sympathy, guilt, etc.

These negative attitudes regarding disability relegate individuals with disabilities to the background. Thereby making them the biggest oppressed minority within the society.

A History of being Teased and Abused:

If you ask the majority of individuals with disabilities, they will have a history of being abused/teased. People often find satisfaction in putting others down. They think of themselves as superior by bullying the underprivileged ones. This is why individuals with disabilities end up facing such disgusting actions.

Being ignored and neglected:

People do not be mindful at times. Just because a person is physically impaired, does not mean he is visually impaired too. The negative thought process stops them from interacting with individuals with a disability. Making the individuals feel ignored at times.

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