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Do these yoga poses to keep yourself relaxed

Yoga is the best and most effective way to keep yourself healthy. By doing yoga regularly, you can keep yourself stress-free and keep yourself away from the risk of many diseases. Many people are not able to work well throughout the day due to laziness, due to which they feel a lot of trouble. For such people, yoga is a very effective method that can help in keeping them active throughout the day. Along with this, you will be able to stay healthy for a long time through yoga. There are much yoga poses using which you can keep yourself fresh and stress-free. Through this article, we tell you 4 such yogasanas, using which you can easily keep yourself active throughout the day.

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1. Tadasana Yoga

Tadasana is considered to be a very simple way of yoga, by doing this yoga, the height of the children also increases. Along with this, your digestive system is strengthened, blood circulation in the body is done properly, knees, ankles, and arms get strong. At the same time, this is such a yoga that you can get energy by doing it regularly. To do this, first of all, stand straight and keep your legs, waist, and neck in a straight line. Make a fist with your fingers facing forward. While inhaling, raise your hands upwards with your clenched fist. Holding your breath, slowly raise your heel. Pull your body upwards as much as possible. Then while exhaling, come back to the normal position. Repeat this action 5 to 10 times.


2. Sukhasana Yoga

By doing Sukhasana regularly, there is the right amount of blood circulation in your body, due to which you also remain healthy and can also keep yourself away from problems related to the heart. Along with this, by doing Sukhasan yoga, you will also be able to remain stress-free and you will feel fresh. At the same time, along with helping to relieve your joint pain, the muscles are also flexible. For this, you sit with both knees bent, neck, waist, and back straight. Keep your palms straight, touching the forefinger of the index finger (the finger next to the thumb) with the thumb, keep the other three fingers straight. By doing this asana, your immune system will be strengthened. There will be good blood circulation, nervous system and digestion will be better. By doing this asana one will feel peace from the inside. This asana makes you strong from the inside. Through these asanas, you can get not only physical but also mental peace and strength.


3. Trikonasana Yoga

You can also keep yourself fresh through Trikonasana. For this, spread both your hands equally and leave them loose. After this, while pulling the breath inwards, move the right hand upwards and keep the left hand close to the body and keep it down. Keep your arms and legs straight. When exhaling, bend towards the right hand, meanwhile, your right hand should be parallel to the ground. After this, try to touch the ground rapidly with the left hand. Come to the normal position while breathing. Repeat the same action in the opposite direction at least 5 times.


4. Bhrijangasana

The yoga of Bhrijangasana strengthens your spine and stimulates the abdominal parts. This asana helps us to keep away problems like sciatica and asthma, while it keeps you stress-free. To do this, lie face down on the ground. Now, touch your forehead to the ground. Place your palm under the arms, and the position should be such that your fingers are touching the sides. Keep your legs straight. Breathe in while moving your head backward slightly. With your hands, put pressure on the chest and head forward, but in this position keep the back bent. Hold your breath, so that it looks like a snake.

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