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Don’t Let Your Period Spoil Your Trip—Try a Cup for Period Instead

Whether traveling for the upcoming holiday season, business, or pleasure, letting your period interfere with your trip is not an option. Luckily, we live in modern times with innovative period care products that can make you forget you’re even on your period. You can still enjoy all the fun things you like to do without discomfort or fear of leaking through your clothes. Once you experience how liberating it is to travel with a cup for period use, you will never go back. Reusable period care products let you say goodbye to bulky pads forever. Hunting down a public restroom every couple of hours to change a soaked tampon will be a thing of the past. It is time to upgrade your travel experience to first class with reusable period care products. These include period cups, menstrual discs, and leakproof panties.

A Cup for Period Use Equals All the Fun—And None of the Period Stress

In the past, your choices for period care products included pads, tampons, or panty liners—none of which are ideal for traveling. Nothing’s worse than booking a specific hotel because of its fantastic indoor pool only to have your period arrive at check-in. You can forget about swimming with a pad because the second they’re exposed to water, they swell like a balloon. And not everyone has a great experience when their tampon hits the water. A cup for period blood collection is ideal for swimming. Period cups and discs will have you diving into the pool without worrying that your tampon string is hanging out.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some additional reasons why reusable period care products are the best when traveling during your period:

They Hold More Than Pads or Tampons

A cup for period use and menstrual discs hold more than pads or tampons. You will experience more of your travels without interruption because you can wait up to 12 hours before changing them. An average period cup can hold as much fluid as 3-4 tampons, while a menstrual disc can typically hold about 4-6 tampons.

They Save Space in Your Luggage

Conserving space in your carry-on or luggage is difficult if you’re lugging bulky pads and tampons around. A jumbo-sized box of tampons alone can quickly eliminate valuable space for more essential items like clothing or shoes. And don’t forget—you must also keep a supply in your backpack or purse whenever you leave your hotel room. Reusable period care products are the ultimate storage savers. Leakproof panties don’t require any more space than regular underwear, and a cup for period collection fits in the palm of your hand.

They Are More Convenient

Have you ever realized you’re out of pads in the middle of the night? Or headed out the door and forgot to restock your purse with tampons? With reusable period care products, you don’t have to scramble to find an open store in the middle of the night. Or experience not being able to locate the right brand or size of a tampon on the shelves. A cup for period collection offers peace of mind in knowing you can use it again and again.

They Are More Comfortable

Travel and comfort are vital to having a great time on your trip. So ditch the single-use tampons and pads and try leakproof panties instead. Wearing period underwear is ideal for traveling, especially if you have irregular periods. If you know your period is due to start soon, period underwear will keep you covered. Gone are the days of wearing an uncomfortable pad or tampon “just in case” your period starts. Who has time for that? Leakproof panties provide the same comfort and style as regular underwear, so you feel good on the go. You may even forget you’re wearing them.

About Saalt

Why settle for outdated, bulky, and uncomfortable period care products when there are better options? Saalt offers products that don’t require you to settle for less than you deserve. With modern, dependable products like sustainable, reusable period cups, discs, and leakproof underwear, you can breeze through your period with confidence, knowing you’ll remain dry and comfortable. In addition to providing innovative period care products, Saalt’s blog is a highly informative source for educating and empowering anyone who has a period about all things period related. Toss out the old period advice and bulky pads and let Saalt show you an easier, more comfortable way to handle your flow by switching to modern, sustainable, reusable period care products like a cup for period use.

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